“Pediatric Hair Solutions were life savers! Such a reassuring ally to have when going through one of the secret hells of parenting small children that no one likes to talk about. I actually cried with relief when I found them.”

-Lara Carson

“Amazing experience! They were so great with my kids, making sure they felt comfortable. They took their time combing through their hair, treating them. Big smiles as we left. This was so much easier than doing it myself. And I tried. In fact, I tried Nix treatment, Ladybug lice treatment, mayonnaise, and olive oil. Nothing worked, except the Air Alle! Highly recommend instead of doing it at home.”

– Melissa Perry Moraja 

“Where to begin! Thank you, thank you and thank you! Dr. Margaret and I want to thank you for all you do in making camp opening day (and all of camp, for that matter) stress free! It is such an enormous load off of us knowing we are lice free for the summer! It has changed the whole atmosphere of the camp. Thank you again for everything!” 

Jamie Hutchinson, RN
Assistant Health Director at Camp Greystone


“The staff was so friendly. I recommend this to anyone and I will tell everyone I know about this place . One treatment and done. I cannot express how much what the staff did for my family meant to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A truly great place. I give them 100 stars”

– Anonymous

“I love you ladies!!! I would come back here in a heart beat if – God forbid- we get it again! All my Love to You”

– S.

“Thanks for everything. You gave us all peace of mind that we would survive and made the process painless. :-) Thank you”

– A.

“You’re the Best Lice checker in the world – thanks”

– J. (from one of our smaller clients)

“Thank you Brooke! I was very worried, but you make it so comfortable and relaxing that I fell asleep! Thank you”

– Anonymous

“You ladies are awesome! You make it so easy for us to get through it and we are so grateful!!”

– G.G.

“Thank for all you done for us and I’m going to come back again thank you”

– S. (from one of our smaller clients)

“Thanks for all that you did for us. We love you and I’m so glad that we have no more nits and eggs. And god forbid if we get them again, we will come back. Oh and I am relieved that they are all dead. Thank you”

– A.

“Cynthia was very helpful and kind.”

– Anonymous

“Thanks! It was kind of fun.”

– L.G.

“Thank you! I feel so much better! :-)”

– Anonymous

“Emily was very patient and sweet!”

– Anonymous

“Angels sent from above!!!! Love each & every one of you!!”

– Anonymous

“You guys did a great job. I love how we had a chat and I’m so much better.”

– N.

“Personable, quick, effective. It works!”

– J.

“I am so thankful for you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

– R.P.

“The best treatment ever!!”

– Anonymous

“Excellent treatment. Professional, nice and very, very knowledgeable!!”

– Anonymous

“Wonderful employees. Excellent treatment – Thank you.”

– The B. Family

“You ladies are truly life savers. Thank you!”

– The B. Girls

“Thank you so much! I am so happy I am lice free! Y‘all were great!”

– Anonymous


– C. B.

“Pediatric Hair Solutions is the best. They are so kind and do such a great job. Thank you so much!”

– Anonymous

“What a relief! Wish we knew about you guys sooner! What a torment to our family not knowing what to do to get rid of those pesky lice. Thank you – Thank you! Very professional and courteous. Would recommend to anyone!”

– The G. Family

“I was so pleased with Pediatric Hair Solutions! I discovered I had lice during my pregnancy and was concerned about using pesticide-filled products from a drug store. When I heard about PHS I was so relieved! The staff was re-assuring and cleared up the lice. I can now deliver my baby with peace of mind. I recommend this to any woman going
through pregnancy or breast feeding.”

– K.L.

“I was very pleased with Cynthia’s service last Friday after 5pm when they were closed. I came over that evening, picked up pretreatment and had my daughter treated on Saturday. She even had to wash my daughter’s hair once I arrived again. She was so nice and courteous. My wife is coming back next week to get checked, as well. What awesome
service. I could not be happier with the service I received.”

– C. N.