At Home Treatment



At Home Lice Treatment

This option is for those interested in the traditional method of nit removal to treat as many people as needed with enough solution to treat two heads for two weeks.

Pediatric Hair Solutions provide the products, tools and education needed to completely clear a child of head lice in their home.


Traditional Lice Treatment/Nit Removal PackageThis package includes a pre-treatment and post-treatment head check at our clinic, two bottles of scalp treatment solution, one bottle of enzymatic mousse, and one nit comb. The treatment center then remains a source of support and education for the parents throughout the three week process.

Additional treatment solution bottles may need to be added depending on how many positive heads and volume of hair. One treatment bottle can provide between two and four treatments.

Preventive Head Lice Treatment Spray $15

This treatment is used as a preventive measure. If you know there is a current head lice case in your community or school, just use a few spritz in the hair each morning. The minty scent will prevent lice from finding your child’s head a welcoming place.

Non-Toxic Lice Products

For a complete list of chemical-free products used for treating and preventing head lice, click here.

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