Top School Field Trips in Atlanta, GA

The city of Atlanta is home to nearly half a million people, with five million more in the greater metropolitan area. With all of those people, in a city so steeped in the history of the United States (in particular the state of Georgia), it’s not hard to imagine that there are a variety of educational and cultural opportunities available for constructive and entertaining field trips for kids.

Here are a few of the most popular options out there. These work for children across a range of ages, and have been highly rated by parents and educators in recent years. They’re suitable for school trips, youth groups, scouting events, and more. At the end of the article, we’ve included a link to a website which offers a deeper look into a broad range of activities in the city which are particularly suitable for children; this site has put its information together over the course of years, and is the finest resource we’ve been able to find for Atlanta-based school trips.

Fun With Learning
Located at 206 State Capitol, the Georgia State Museum of Science and Industry will take students of all ages as far back as 2,500 years, to view American Indian artifacts from four different historical eras. It works to provide students with a rich experience of the state’s natural environment through the years, and contributes well to curriculum and scouting badges related to social studies and the natural sciences. The Museum of Science and Industry also offers a healthy dose of state history, with displays that detail the development of modern aircraft. Several battle flags from multiple wars display the scars they received during combat, in all their profound implication. Call (404) 656-2846 to get further details on the planning of school and scouting trips to the museum, or click here to visit the official website.

For The Younger Crowd
Children aged 4 to 10 years old will get a real kick out of the Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta. The Discovery Center offers programs for school and youth groups alike, including home school groups, scouts, and more. Located at 3500 Peachtree Road, NE, the center offers fifteen different attractions included within the price of admission. They feature an overall experience that’s a lot like jumping into the biggest box of LEGO bricks you could imagine. It is designed to be fun and entertaining, while stimulating the creativity of young minds: a partnership with LEGO Education has resulted in additional learning opportunities, which incorporate relevant curriculum in with the attractions. Call (404) 848-9252 to start planning an event; the provided link also leads directly to the Discovery Center’s event planning page.

Catch the Waterworks at the Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium at Atlanta may be found at 225 Baker Street NW. As one of Atlanta’s leading edutainment-based attractions for children, the aquarium never fails to delight kids of all ages with the prospect of seeing their favorite marine animals – many of which will be absolutely delighted to see them! At the same time, the Georgia Aquarium offers educational programs on responsible marine research and environmental conservation. Call (404) 581-4000 for hours, which sometimes vary on a day-to-day basis, or to organize a field trip type event. The aquarium offers a number of programs geared toward this kind of trip, including personal encounters with penguins, dolphin celebrations, and much more!
More Information
Visit for more ideas on school field trips in Atlanta! They include suggestions suitable for a wide range of ages, as well as all-inclusive options. Many of these Atlanta day trips are equally well-suited to other types of groups, including scouting and youth groups of all sorts.

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