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Fast, Safe, 100% Effective Head Lice Treatment

By Healthcare Professionals

  • Treatment Options Starting at $85
  • Professional Device Kills Lice and Eggs
  • No Chemicals, No Combing 


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  • 100% Effective
  • Kills all Lice and Eggs
  • MD/RN Owned and Operated 

Mount Pleasant Head Lice Treatment

Our Head Lice Treatment Services are available to families living in the greater Mount Pleasant and Charleston areas. If you think one or more of your family members may have head lice, call us for a head check and consultation.

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a heated air professional device clinically proven to eradicate lice and their eggs in one 30 minute treatment. Our treatment services are reimbursed by most insurance plans.  

Unlike many prescription and over-the-counter medications which contain pesticides, our method is completely safe and non-toxic. It’s the most effective head lice treatment process on the market today with a clinically proven 99.2% success rate.

Our process dehydrates lice and their eggs in 30 minutes. No chemicals used and no combing required. Clients treated for head lice by our trained technicians are not charged by the hour like many other head lice removal services. There are no hidden fees, no surprises.

Attention Summerville and Goose Creek Area Residents

For your convenience, our Lice Treatment Solution is now available at Guerin’s Pharmacy in Summerville. Call us to arrange pick up at their location on 140 South Main Street in Summerville.

Our non-toxic solution kills all live bugs and halts egg production. It’s an important first step to eradicating head lice and is required before treatment with our professional device.

Find Pediatric Hair Solutions Lice Treatment Solution at Guerin's Pharmacy in Summerville, South Carolina.

We recommend our 3-Step Head Lice Treatment, which includes pre-treatment, in-clinic medical device treatment, and at-home post-treatment.

This combination of treatments has a 100% success rate! For more details please visit our Head Lice Treatment Services page.


Head Lice Treatment Comparison Chart







*For a complete and chart showing how our treatment works vs. Sklice vs. over-the-counter/other topical treatments vs. nit picking and combing, please
click here (PDF document).

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