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Head Lice Treatment Center – Greenville, SC

A  Safe, Fast, 100% Effective Head Lice Treatment

By Healthcare Professionals

  • Treatment Options Starting at $85
  • Professional Device Dehydrates all Lice Eggs
  • Non-Toxic | Kid-Friendly
  • 100% Effective
  • Kills all Lice and Eggs
  • MD/RN Owned and Operated 

Head lice treatments reimbursed by most insurance plans

Do you want to avoid the hidden costs and lengthy process of manual head lice removal services in the Greenville area? Have you been trying to battle lice with over-the-counter treatments with no success?

Call the LICE EXPERTS at Pediatric Hair Solutions. We have treated more than 25,000 children and adults. We’ll have your family lice free in no time!

Greenville Lice Treatment Center

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Head Lice Treatment Comparison Chart

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a non-toxic pre treatment solution followed by a 30 minute treatment a heated air professional device.

For a 100% guarantee, we recommend our 3-Step Head Lice Treatment, which includes at-home pre-treatment, in-clinic treatment with our medical device, and at-home post-treatment. For more details please visit our Head Lice Treatment Services page.