Greenville Area School Lice Policies

Each School District in South Carolina adopts its own policy on head lice which may vary from strict ‘no nit’ policies to allowing students to return to school with nits, or eggs, as long as they are treating for live bugs.

Greenville County School District Lice Policy

If a student is discovered to have head lice:

  1. The parent is notified.
  2. The student should be treated for head lice before returning to school.
  3. Parent will notify school that student has been treated.
  4. In some instances, students in an entire classroom may be checked for lice, however, this is time consuming and an interruption in the instructional program. Parents are expected to assume responsibility of checking their children’s hair on a regular basis.
  5. The use of insecticide spray in a school setting for treating the environment is usually not done or advised because of the toxicity and possible allergic reaction of students and/or staff. Thorough vacuuming and cleaning is sufficient at home and school.