Pediatric Hair Solutions Partners with Camp CARE

Pediatric Hair Solutions was pleased to partner with Camp CARE by providing free head check services on their camp intake day. More than 180 campers took part in Camp CARE this summer. The camp is located on Lake Lure.

Camp CARE provides a week long summer camp for children who have, or have had cancer. Camp CARE  (Cancer Ain’t Really the End) provides support, fun and friendship for children and family’s throughout their journey. The camp believes a child is first and foremost, a child – not just a cancer patient.

Pediatric Hair Solutions provided free head checks for nearly 200 campers at Camp Care in Charlotte.

The summer camp is for kids in all stages of the treatment journey: on- or off-treatment, in remission or fighting relapse, no symptoms or side effects and those with physical and mental challenges.

The week of summer summer camp allows our campers the chance to get away from the realities of living with cancer – while still being under medical supervision at all times. The camp is staffed 24/7 by medical professionals.

Camp CARE provides a normal camp experience for children with cancer and their siblings from ages 6-16.

Campers participate in camp activities like tubing, arts & crafts, swimming, a talent show, a dance, and so much more! Most importantly, campers have the chance to meet new friends and connect with others who are undergoing the same things that they are going through.

Camp CARE is available to families affected by cancer thanks to the generous donations. Click here if you are interested in donating to Camp CARE.

Pediatric Hair Solutions Goes to Summer Camp!

Who says you need to be a kid to go to summer camp? Every summer, the team at Pediatric Hair Solutions heads to camps across North and South Carolina. We provide head check screening services on the first day of camp for some of the largest camps in the area.

Children who are positive for head lice on intake day are treated immediately on site with our heated air medical device and non-toxic treatment solution. Our goal is to make sure every child is able to stay at camp and enjoy the experience they’ve been looking forward to all year.

Team at summer camp checks campers for head lice.Head lice is very contagious which is why most summer camps have mandatory head screenings for all campers and staff. Our camp partners tell us they could never get the job done as quickly and effectively without the help of the professionals at Pediatric Hair Solutions.

The teams we send to camp vary between 5 to 12 professionals, depending on the size of the camp. We screen each child upon arrival so that we have time to quickly treat them before the full activities of camp begin.

Our services allow the camp medical staff to focus on important tasks during intake day such as tracking medications, collecting medical forms and tending to medical conditions.

We are proud to partner with the following camps in the Carolinas: Camp GreystoneCamp CrestridgeCamp RidgecrestCamp WayfarerCamp WeaverSalvation Army Camps ,  Camp CARE.

Chemical Lice Treatment Shampoos Linked to Abnormal Behavior

New research shows the ingredients found in the most common head lice treatment shampoos have been linked to behavioral difficulties in young children.

A team of French researchers investigated whether prenatal or childhood exposure to pyrethroid, a group of synthetic chemical insecticides, had any impact on neurobehavioural development. Pyrethroid is found in common head lice shampoos such as Rid and Nix.

Chemicals found in over the counter lice shampoos can have a negative affect on children's behavior.

The study established a link between pyrethroids and behavioral disorders in children. It found that higher levels of a certain pyrethroid in the urine of pregnant mothers was associated with a heightened risk of “internalizing” behaviors in their six-year-olds, such as being anxious and withdrawn.

It also found that levels of a different pyrethroid in the children’s urine samples was associated with a greater risk of “externalizing” behaviors, such as being defiant and aggressive. Children with the highest levels were around three times as likely to display abnormal behavior.

The results of this research reinforce another study published in 2015 by doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, which finds an association between pyrethroid exposure and ADHD hyperactivity and impulsivity in adolescent boys.

Another 2015 study by a consortium of scientists led by a Rutgers University research team finds associations between the synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin and ADHD. Other recent research on pyrethroids and children have found significant neutoxicity concerns. University of California Davis’ long-running CHARGE study investigating childhood autism risks determined that living near a farm field where pyrethroids are applied during a mother’s third trimester corresponds with an 87% increased risk of having a child with autism.

Keep Lice Away at Summer Camp

If your child is going to camp this summer, you’ll want to add ‘head check’ to your to-do list. Getting your child checked for head lice before they go to summer camp will save you time and money, and most importantly, ensure your child gets to enjoy every minute of summer camp.

97% of head lice cases are spread by head to head contact and the close quarters of summer camp make it the perfect environment for lice to spread. Pediatric Hair Solutions recommends getting your child’s head checked by trained professionals a few weeks before summer camp starts.

Don't let head lice ruin summer camp.

If your child is positive, you will have time to effectively treat and eradicate the case of head lice before camp starts.

Don’t waste your time and money on treatments that don’t work. Most people don’t know that the most common over the counter treatments for head lice aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be.

That’s because lice have developed a resistance to the chemicals found in Rid, Nix and other popular lice shampoos.

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a scientifically based, non-toxic approach to treating head lice that is guaranteed to be effective. Because we don’t use chemicals, lice cannot become resistant our treatment process. We use a non-toxic treatment solution to kill the live bugs and a heated air medical device which dehydrates and desiccates all of the bugs.

So before you send your child to camp, do your child and other campers a favor and get him or her checked for head lice. You’ll be relieved if they don’t have it, and thankful you caught it in time if they do!


Pediatric Hair Solutions Guest Blogs for Charlotte Smarty Pants

Sheila Fassler, RN and owner of Pediatric Hair Solutions wrote a guest blog for the popular mommy website Charlotte Smarty Pants. In the blog post “Lice 101: What Every Parent Needs to Know about Lice“,  Sheila clears up the myths and confusing surrounding head lice.

Pediatric Hair Solutions featured in Charlotte Smarty Pants

Most parents don’t know that the most commonly used over the counter treatments are no longer effective at treating head lice. Lice have developed a resistance to the chemicals found in Rid, Nix and even prescription treatments.

Sheila also described how to determine if your child or family member has head lice and shared tips on preventing the spread of head lice.


Pediatric Hair Solutions Opens New Treatment Center in Mount Pleasant

Pediatric Hair Solutions celebrated the opening of its newest location in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The MD/RN owned and operated business is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of head lice. Mayor Linda Page and Mount Pleasant Councilman Mark Smith attended the opening and ceremonial ribbon cutting.

“We are thrilled to have Pediatric Hair Solutions locate in Mount Pleasant,” said Mayor Page. “We look forward to their involvement in our vibrant business community and the services they will provide the residents of Mount Pleasant.”

Head Lice removal service in Mount Pleasant and Charleston

Head lice is the second most common communicable disease, affecting 6 to 12 million school aged children each year in the United States. The problem is getting worse as lice have developed a resistance to the most commonly used over the counter treatments.

Pediatric Hair Solutions provides screening, diagnosis and head lice treatment for children and adults. Their treatment process includes a medical device that uses heated air to kill lice and eggs. The technology is clinically proven to kill 99.2% of lice and eggs.

“We look forward to providing families in the Mount Pleasant area with a safe and effective treatment for head lice,” said Sheila Fassler, the nurse who owns Pediatric Hair Solutions. “We’ve had families from the Charleston area driving two hours to our Columbia location for head lice treatment. We wanted to provide them with a local, professional resource they could count on to solve a stressful problem quickly and safely.”

Pediatric Hair Solutions is active in each community it serves, providing education, counseling and support services to families and school communities. The company’s medically trained professionals partner with school nurses and pediatricians as a resource for families in need of screening, treatment and education.

The new treatment center is located at 1041 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. in Mount Pleasant. It’s the company’s ninth location. Fassler and her husband, John Fassler, MD, founded Pediatric Hair Solutions in 2010.

Pediatric Hair Solutions is consistently recommended by pediatricians, school nurses and camp health administrators. The company has treated more than 25,000 children and adults. Treatment services are reimbursable by most insurance plans

Pediatric Hair Solutions Featured in North Carolina’s Health and Wellness Magazine

Pediatric Hair Solutions was recently featured in North Carolina’s Health and Wellness Magazine. The article detailed the facts and myths surrounding head lice, including recent studies that reveal 98% of head lice have developed resistance to the most common over-the-counter products like Rid and Nix.

Head Lice Treatment Services at Pediatric Hair Solutions featured in North Carolina Health and Wellness magazine.

Health and Wellness Author Amy Burton owns Revel Salon and Color Studio in Tega Cay, SC. She refers her clients to Pediatric Hair Solutions because she wants them to receive fast, effective and medically sound treatment for head lice. She also likes the fact that the treatment solutions developed by Pediatric Hair Solutions are non-toxic and contain no pesticides.

As Amy points out in her article, “Not only was I highly impressed with their knowledge and expertise, the facility is extremely clean and comfortable.” She also talks about her own experience as a stylist seeing that head lice does not discriminate, “Head lice is highly contagious and can find a home on any head – regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. In over 35 years as a cosmetologist, I’ve encountered people with lice from toddlers to grandparents in their eighties. It used to be the schools sent notes home informing parents when there was an outbreak in the classroom. Now, many of them don’t bother. If you have school age children, work with kids, or know students living in a college dormitory, it’s a good idea to perform regular head checks – and know what to look for! Unsettling as it may be – believe it or not, many professionals including hair stylists, nurses and even doctors often miss lice infestations because they are not educated enough to know it when they see it.”

“The best head lice prevention is to avoid sharing brushes, combs, hats and bedding, especially with anyone who has an active lice infestation. There are also safe, non-toxic, natural preventative sprays that keep lice away. More and more people are using them on their children daily, especially when they hear of an outbreak at school. These products are available through Pediatric Hair Solutions, as well as select pharmacies and salons.”