Head Lice Treatment Services

Services & Pricing

Option #1

Home Kit – $85

This option is for those interested in the traditional method of nit removal in the home. We provide the tools, products and education needed to completely clear a child of head lice by combing through the hair.

The Home Kit includes two bottles of Treatment Solution, one bottle of Enzymatic Mousse, and one Terminator Lice Comb. Also included are pre-treatment and post-treatment head checks at our clinic. We provide 24/7 support throughout the process.

Additional treatment solution bottles may need to be added depending on how many positive heads and volume of hair. 

Option #2

In-Clinic Treatment with Medical Device –  $185

Apply pre-treatment at home to kill adult bugs and we use a professional device in our clinic to eradicate the eggs. Leave our clinic completely lice free!

Treatment Costs Reimbursed by Many Insurance Plans

Step 1 –  Pre-treatment

Our non-toxic solution kills all live bugs and halts egg production. The treatment solution is applied at home and must saturate the hair for 20 minutes, in which time the solution suffocates the bugs.

Step 2  – In Clinic Medical Device Treatment

We use a professional device that works heated air, in a timed and specific pattern, through the hair for 30 minutes to dehydrate lice and their eggs/nits. You will leave our treatment center completely lice free! Our treatment providers follow up with a complimentary comb out to remove empty egg casings that are left behind, for cosmetic purposes.

Step 3. At-Home Post-Treatment

Add this step for 100% guarantee. We recommend performing at-home post-treatments three times following the in-clinic service. This step helps guard against re-infestation as you return to your usual environment. Post treatments simply involve saturating the hair with our solution for 20 minutes, no combing necessary.

Option #3

Full Service – One Visit, Leave Lice Free $260

For our Full Service option we complete every step of the treatment process in one visit. Our technicians apply pre-treatment solution that kills the live bug activity. The solution soaks on the hair for 20 minutes. This is followed by a shampoo and rinse and then the hair is completely dried

Our technicians then use the professional device to dehydrate the eggs/nits. We provide a complimentary comb out to remove the empty egg casings for cosmetic purposes.

Add At-Home Post-Treatment for 100% Guarantee

We recommend performing the at-home post-treatment three times following the in-clinic service. This step helps guard against re-infestation as you return to your usual environment. Post treatment involves soaking hair in our treatment solution for 20 minutes, no combing is necessary.

Comb Out for Children Under 4 Years of Age

$50 for short hair | $75 for medium length hair | $100 for long hair