How It Works

A Completely Safe and Effective

Head Lice Treatment is Here!

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a method scientifically proven to eradicate lice and their eggs in one 30 minute (approximate) treatment.

98% of lice have developed resistance to over-the-counter and prescription treatments, resulting in an effectiveness rate as low as 20%.

Unlike these products, our professional device uses controlled, heated air, to dehydrate lice eggs. You’ll leave our clinic lice free!

How It Works

Step 1Pre-Treatment

Pre-treatment with our non-toxic, all natural solution. Soaking entire head with the pre-treatment solution kills all live bug activity and halts egg production.

Non toxic solution to kill live bugs








Step 2Professional Device Treatment 

The 30-minute in clinic treatment works heated air, in a timed and specific pattern, through the hair for 30 minutes to dehydrate lice and their eggs/nits. It has been proven to be safe, fast and effective at killing lice and eggs.

A clinical study of our treatment process proves it to be 100% effective.

Head Lice Treatment Comparison Chart

We recommend our 3-Step Head Lice Treatment, which includes pre-treatment, professional device treatment, and at-home post-treatment. This combination of treatments has a 100% success rate! For more details please visit our Head Lice Treatment Services page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to treat everyone if only one person is found to have head lice?

It is very common for close family or friends of infested individuals to also have lice. It is strongly suggested that you have everyone in the household checked. There is no need to treat anyone who does not have head lice; however, we suggest you continue checking everyone every few days for at least 10-15 days.

Is your treatment safe?

All of our products are non-toxic and free of pesticides.

What should we expect at your treatment centers?

The treatment centers are extremely clean and sterile. We clean and disinfect every surface that our clients come into contact with – after each treatment. We have effective protocols in place to ensure that no cross-contamination takes place. If you come to our center with head lice – you leave without it!

Our friendly staff are skilled at putting children and their parents at ease during the treatment.

How much does lice removal cost?

Our treatment cost is the same regardless of the length or thickness of your hair. Our fee is also per head, not per hour! Visit the Services page for specific information on our treatment options.

Is head lice treatment covered by Medicaid or insurance?

Pediatric Hair Solutions does not accept Medicaid. However, our treatments are reimbursed by most insurance plans. We provide patients with pre-filled forms to submit to insurance providers. We also have a 100% reimbursement rate with Flexible Healthcare Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. We are able to swipe the FSA debit cards for payment in the office.

Why can’t we just use the over-the-counter or “home remedy” options to get rid of head lice?

An entomologist from Cambridge, England has tested permethrin products. In 2003 he found that after two treatments the permethrin was 78% effective. By 2005, the permethrin was only 55% effective after two treatments – proving that the lice are becoming increasingly resistant to that option. We can corroborate that finding; the vast majority of our clients have tried one or more of the over-the-counter treatments and still found live bugs before calling us.

While home nit-picking is always an option, we don’t recommend some of the other treatments you may find on the internet. Pouring Listerine, alcohol, vinegar, kerosene, or similar liquids on your child’s head is not only ineffective – it is dangerous! Many times even the less extreme home treatments will irritate your scalp or damage your hair.

If you opt to try treating at home, you need to be prepared to set aside a few hours each day (per child) for the next two to three weeks in order to eradicate the problem…keeping in mind that even one missed egg will start the infestation over again. Pediatric Hair Solutions offers a traditional nit education kit that will give you the tools and information you need to complete this process.

How do I treat my home for lice? Can lice live on hard surfaces?

It is important to remember that the infestation is on the head – not in the home! It is necessary to clean your house thoroughly once a lice infestation has been discovered. However, we have found that most parents’ instincts are to do far more than is necessary!

The first thing to remember is head lice can not live off the human host for more than 48 hours. Also, lice do not have “feet” and can not travel well an smooth hard surfaces. Lice can not jump or fly. Nits/eggs need to be in a warm, dark, moist place to incubate. Please do not use a pesticide spray on furniture. Remember, lice are resistant and the use of pesticides can have harmful side effects.

  • Clean all bed and bath linens that have come in contact with affected individuals. Place clothing, linens, etc in the dryer on high heat for 30-40 minutes. Do the same with clothing and outerwear worn within 48 hours.
  • Vacuum carseats, carpets, floors, mattresses, and furniture where there has been contact within last 48 hours.
  • All hair brushes and accessories need to be placed in baggies and put in the freezer for 48 hours and then washed thoroughly in hot soapy water. Label these items in the future so they are not shared.
    Sports and bike helmets go into freezer for 48 hours.
  • There are many items that cannot be placed in the dryer, but must also be treated. Isolation is the best method for dealing with these items, including stuffed animals, pillows, or headphones. You should expect these items to be out of commission for at least 48 hours.