When Lice Won’t Leave


“I have treated my daughters twice and am still finding lice!”  

“We have tried all the shampoos and can’t get rid of lice!”

“I have used a pharmacist-recommended anti-lice shampoo FOUR times and my child still has lice!”

Head lice that keeps coming back

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. These are comments from just a few of our many clients who turn to us for help after months of battling head lice.

The problem of persistent lice causes extreme stress, lost time at school and work, not to mention the hundreds of dollars spent on treatments that don’t work. At Pediatric Hair Solutions, we have treated over 15,000 children and adults without a single treatment failure.

If you’re struggling with persistent lice, HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about why common treatments often don’t work and details on more effective solutions.

1. There is a common pattern of lice suppression and resurgence when families use lice shampoos and prescription treatments.

What does that mean? Since lice shampoos only kill live bugs and not their eggs, it’s up to parents to comb out every single lice egg. If just one or two are left behind, it will take about 3 weeks for those left behind eggs to hatch, starting a new cycle of lice infestation.

During those weeks, parents think they have the problem under control, not knowing those eggs are developing into live bugs. This is also a common reason lice are spread to other family members and classmates. In other words, the lice aren’t necessarily coming back, they were never completely gone in the first place.

2. Head lice are increasingly becoming resistant to common over-the-counter treatments. A recent study shows 99% of head lice have developed a genetic mutation allowing them to resist to chemical treatments. As chemical treatments become more and more potent, lice have developed a resistance to the toxic chemicals.

The result? Many over-the-counter treatments have an effectiveness rate as low as 20%, no matter how many times you use them.

This is a common reason for persistent lice infestations and can only be battled with non-chemical solutions.

3. Non-toxic treatment solutions are the best way to effectively treat lice. Natural products and treatment modalities, such as the non-toxic  treatment solutions used at Pediatric Hair Solutions, kill lice and their eggs. Lice cannot become resistant to natural solutions so this is the best way to battle the bugs.

For a 100% effective and guaranteed solution, we recommend our 3-step process which includes natural pre-treatment solution, a 30-minute treatment with a medical device and post treatment. This process guarantees your child will not be re-infested as it covers the span of the 21 day lifecycle of lice.

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The Non-Effectiveness of Over-The-Counter Head Lice Treatments

OTC lice treatments don't work

Before you decide to run to the local drugstore to pick up an over-the-counter (OTC) head lice treatment, take a moment to consider your options. While several OTC treatments have received promotion by some, they are ultimately not effective for treating head lice. With over 20 years of experience as healthcare professionals and five years as head lice experts, we have seen first-hand the non-effectiveness of OTC head lice treatments.


Chemical/Pesticide Treatments

OTC lice treatment shampoos are only targeted to kill adult and adolescent nymph lice, leaving out nits and young nymphs. Over time, they develop an ability to resist specific chemicals, making the use of such chemicals completely useless for treating head lice. Additionally, these pesticides for head lice have always been unable to kill nits or less reliably kill young nymph lice. What these chemically-based OTC treatments leave you with is the potential for harmful side-effects, nits left behind that will hatch and cause more trouble, and, of course, an unnecessary expenditure.


Several studies and the experience of families we see every day are telling us how resilient head lice are becoming to the chemicals used in OTC lice treatments. This resistance is typical of any insect being targeted by pesticides, and it is common in agriculture. There is simply no point in putting your loved ones through a chemical lice treatment when the results are sub-par and harmful side-effects a likely possibility.


Non-chemical Treatments

Even OTC treatments that suffocate the lice instead of using a chemical to kill them are not very effective. Lice are incredibly versatile in dealing with surrounding elements and can withstand being submerged in water or any other suffocating item for several hours. Even if you cover your head in an OTC smothering treatment or a DIY treatment overnight, there is a possibility that the head lice, especially the nits, were able to survive. Who wants to take that chance?


Effective Lice Treatment

At Pediatric Hair Solutions, we have a complete treatment that is 100% safe and effective for the whole family. There is no messing with harmful chemicals or greasy solutions here. We use a heated air medical device along with our carefully developed, all-natural products for a full treatment you can trust. Additionally, when you come to one of our clinics you can rest assured that your lice treatment is in the hands of trained professionals. We’re here to make getting rid of lice as quick and painless as possible!


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our clients, school nurses, stylists and salons, Pediatricians and their staff.

I was talking to a friend over the Holidays and we were discussing the trials and tribulations of dealing with Head Lice. We have heard it all from soaking in olive oil, mayonnaise, Listerine and even turpentine. In desperation, it is amazing what people will do. Unfortunately, it is a fact that Lice are becoming more and more resilient. Most over the counter treatment options are only 40-50% effective and the stronger pesticides in prescriptions are only 80-85% effective. No wonder Head Lice are becoming more of a nuisance than ever.

While the internet is a wonderful resource, I am constantly amazed at the volume and variety of suggestions and recommended treatment options online today. I was particularly entertained by the Head Lice YouTube video animation of Arthur and the episode The Lousy Week. The story line is quite humorous where The rich Muffy gets head lice, and she is so embarrassed and nervous about how her friends will feel that she doesn’t tell anyone. Does this sound familiar? Thus, the Lice party begins. The Lice begin their invasion and conquer one head after another with the sole goal of laying as many nits as possible.

Here at Pediatric Hair Solutions, we provide a service to anonymously alert your school, classmates and friends if you are uncomfortable doing so. For your own benefit and others, let others know as soon as possible that you or your child has Head Lice. This will reduce the spread of Head Lice and prevent a possible re-infestation to your own family.