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If you live in the Upper Arlington area and think one or more of your family members may have head lice, bring them into our office for head checks and a consultation to review our head lice treatment services. Our non-toxic head lice removal process uses the FDA cleared AirAlle device to kill lice and their eggs. We have treated more than 25,000 children and adults with a 100% success rate.

Pediatric Hair Solutions in Columbus is medically owned and operated head lice treatment center. Our lice treatment services in Upper Arlington, Ohio and surrounding communities are the most effective lice treatment methods on the market today.

The services we provide are reimbursed by most insurance companies and we have a 100% reimbursement rate with Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Spending Accounts. Learn More.

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Almost all prescription and over-the-counter medications sold today for treating head lice contain pesticides, many of which have the potential to cause irritating skin reactions or other harmful side effects. 98% of lice have also developed resistance to over-the-counter and prescription treatments, resulting in an effectiveness rate as low as 20%.

Unlike these products, the AirAllé™ device uses controlled, heated air, so it is very safe and proven to be 99.2% effective. The 30-minute AirAlle treatment works heated air, in a timed and specific pattern, through the hair for 30 minutes to dehydrate lice and their eggs/nits. It has been proven to be safe, fast, and 99.2% effective at killing lice and eggs.

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The AirAllé™ device has been studied* in carefully controlled, IRB-approved clinical studies in over 500 people with head lice and, when used as directed, has demonstrated to be completely safe for both the patient and the treatment provider with no reports of adverse events.

For a complete chart showing how our lice treatment works vs. prescription, over-the-counter/other topical treatments vs. nit picking and combing, please click here.

Head Lice Treatment Comparison Chart