Natural Lice Products

If you want a natural solution for getting rid of head lice, our non-toxic head lice products are the best option on the market. We have also developed an effective head lice prevention spray to prevent lice from spreading to your family in the first place.

All Pediatric Hair Solutions products have been clinically tested and contain no harmful chemicals.

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Natural Head Lice Products

Remove lice and eggs at home quickly and effectively Traditional Lice/Nit Removal Package*

This package is for parents who are interested in a cost-effective and efficient lice treatment. These treatments are much more effective than over-the-counter lice shampoos because lice are now resistant to chemicals found in Rid, Nix and other common treatments.

Package includes: one Terminator Lice Comb, two (8oz) bottles of Lice Treatment Solution, one Enzymatic Mousse and step by step instructions.


*Package can be used to treat the entire family. It may be necessary to purchase supplemental lice treatment solutions depending on number of positive cases and volume of hair in family.

Lice Treatment Solution

The Lice Treatment Solution is recommended to be used immediately after you discover you have lice. This solution effectively kills all live lice/bugs. One bottle contains approximately two-four treatments.

8 oz  $20

Head Lice Prevention Products

Prevent head lice with our head lice prevention kit.Lice Prevention Package

Keep head lice from spreading to your child’s hair with our Lice Prevention Package.

These products help parents prevent head lice and/or detect a case of lice in the early stages. Package includes: one Terminator Comb, one Enzymatic Mousse, and one bottle of our Preventive Treatment Spray.


This package is a great PTA/PTO fundraising opportunity! Call for details.

Nit free terminator nit combTerminator Lice Nit Comb

The Terminator Comb is the best head lice and nit removal comb on the market. The Terminator’s unique micro grooved teeth allow for effective removal of the tiniest nit. The comb is even more effective when combined with the Enzymatic Mousse which helps dissolve the glue that attaches the nits to the hair shaft.


Nit removal mousse Enzymatic Mousse

Our unique enzyme based mousse is
designed to facilitate the
removal of lice nits/eggs during a
comb out. Our solution is non-toxic,
chemical-free, safe and effective.

4 oz $20

Prevent head lice with our head lice prevention spray scented with mint Preventive Lice Treatment Spray

Our spray is a non-toxic, chemical-free deterrent for lice. Our Preventive Treatment Spray is formulated to repel lice. This product does not treat head lice but it is a valuable preventative treatment. It will not harm or affect hair in any way and is safe for daily use on all hair types. It has a light mint scent.

8 oz $15

Preventive “No Bugs” Spray

Great to have on hand for summer camp, sleep overs, baseball helmets, hats, in your gym bag or at the movie theater!

8 oz  $15

Product development disclosures: All of our solutions have been clinically tested and approved by our Medical director, John Fassler MD. A clinical research study conducted by Pediatric Hair Solutions on 268 clients demonstrating the effectiveness of our treatment protocols was presented in February 2012 at the St. Jude’s Infectious Disease Research Conference (abstract #201221). We have proven success in our treatment protocol and have reviewed our protocol and instruction material with renowned entomologists to ensure we are providing the best treatments available.

Head lice is most commonly spread by direct contact with the head or hair of an infested person. The adult louse can survive for 1-2 days without feeding on the scalp; therefore lice can be found on objects that have been in contact with an infested person.