Head Lice Prevention Spray

Head Lice Hate Our Mint Repellant Spray

Head lice is the second most common communicable disease in children. That means the odds are high that your child will be exposed to head lice. Prevent head lice from spreading to your family with our Head Lice Prevention Spray.

Pediatric Hair Solutions has developed a non-toxic, lightly scented mint spray formulated to repel lice. Families can use daily before heading out the door for school, just a quick spritz of the hair in the morning will help repel lice throughout the day. The lice prevention spray is also handy for sleepovers, movie theaters and summer camps.

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Preventive Lice Treatment SprayPreventive Lice Treatment Spray

Our spray is a non-toxic, chemical-free deterrent for lice. Our Preventive Treatment Spray is formulated to repel lice. This product does not treat head lice but it is a valuable preventative treatment. It will not harm or affect hair in any way and is safe for daily use on all hair types. It has a light mint scent.

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All of our solutions have been clinically tested and approved by our Medical Director, John Fassler, M.D. A clinical research study conducted by Pediatric Hair Solutions on 268 clients demonstrating the effectiveness of our treatment protocols was presented in February 2012 at the St. Jude’s Infectious Disease Research Conference (abstract #201221). We have proven success in our treatment protocol and have reviewed our protocol and instruction material with renowned entomologists to ensure we are providing the best treatments available.

Head lice is most commonly spread by direct contact with the head or hair of an infested person. The adult louse can survive for 1-2 days without feeding on the scalp; therefore lice can be found on objects that have been in contact with an infested person.