Pediatric Hair Solutions Partners with Camp CARE

Pediatric Hair Solutions was pleased to partner with Camp CARE by providing free head check services on their camp intake day. More than 180 campers took part in Camp CARE this summer. The camp is located on Lake Lure.

Camp CARE provides a week long summer camp for children who have, or have had cancer. Camp CARE  (Cancer Ain’t Really the End) provides support, fun and friendship for children and family’s throughout their journey. The camp believes a child is first and foremost, a child – not just a cancer patient.

Pediatric Hair Solutions provided free head checks for nearly 200 campers at Camp Care in Charlotte.

The summer camp is for kids in all stages of the treatment journey: on- or off-treatment, in remission or fighting relapse, no symptoms or side effects and those with physical and mental challenges.

The week of summer summer camp allows our campers the chance to get away from the realities of living with cancer – while still being under medical supervision at all times. The camp is staffed 24/7 by medical professionals.

Camp CARE provides a normal camp experience for children with cancer and their siblings from ages 6-16.

Campers participate in camp activities like tubing, arts & crafts, swimming, a talent show, a dance, and so much more! Most importantly, campers have the chance to meet new friends and connect with others who are undergoing the same things that they are going through.

Camp CARE is available to families affected by cancer thanks to the generous donations. Click here if you are interested in donating to Camp CARE.

Chemical Lice Treatment Shampoos Linked to Abnormal Behavior

New research shows the ingredients found in the most common head lice treatment shampoos have been linked to behavioral difficulties in young children.

A team of French researchers investigated whether prenatal or childhood exposure to pyrethroid, a group of synthetic chemical insecticides, had any impact on neurobehavioural development. Pyrethroid is found in common head lice shampoos such as Rid and Nix.

Chemicals found in over the counter lice shampoos can have a negative affect on children's behavior.

The study established a link between pyrethroids and behavioral disorders in children. It found that higher levels of a certain pyrethroid in the urine of pregnant mothers was associated with a heightened risk of “internalizing” behaviors in their six-year-olds, such as being anxious and withdrawn.

It also found that levels of a different pyrethroid in the children’s urine samples was associated with a greater risk of “externalizing” behaviors, such as being defiant and aggressive. Children with the highest levels were around three times as likely to display abnormal behavior.

The results of this research reinforce another study published in 2015 by doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, which finds an association between pyrethroid exposure and ADHD hyperactivity and impulsivity in adolescent boys.

Another 2015 study by a consortium of scientists led by a Rutgers University research team finds associations between the synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin and ADHD. Other recent research on pyrethroids and children have found significant neutoxicity concerns. University of California Davis’ long-running CHARGE study investigating childhood autism risks determined that living near a farm field where pyrethroids are applied during a mother’s third trimester corresponds with an 87% increased risk of having a child with autism.

Pediatric Hair Solutions Recognized as a Fast 50 Company by the Charlotte Business Journal

Pediatric Hair Solutions has been named to the Charlotte Business Journal’s Fast 50 of 2016. The prestigious award recognizes the Charlotte region’s fastest growing private companies. Pediatric Hair Solutions, a leading health care provider focused on the treatment of head lice, has nine locations in four states with corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC.

“It is an honor to be recognized for the dramatic growth and success of our company,” says Sheila Fassler, RN, owner of Pediatric Hair Solutions. “The award is a direct reflection of our mission to deliver the highest quality of care and customer service. The expertise and dedication of our staff has also contributed the company’s consistent year over year growth.”

Head Lice Treatment Center Wins Fast 50 AwardPediatric Hair Solutions will be recognized at an awards banquet on December 8. The Fast 50 awards program determines winners using a formula that reflects dollar and percentage growth during a three-year period.

Companies applied for inclusion by submitting nominations that included financial performance, which was evaluated by accounting firm CliftonLarsonAllen. Only those firms with headquarters in the 16-county Charlotte region and revenue of at least $1 million in 2015 were considered.

Pediatric Hair Solutions Now Serving Families in Charleston

Pediatric Hair Solutions announced it is now providing mobile head lice treatment services to children and adults in Charleston, Mount Pleasant and surrounding communities. The company is the only licensed health care provider in the area focusing exclusively on the treatment of head lice.

Best Head Lice TreatmentWe utilize a device that uses heated air to kill all lice and eggs. Clinical studies show the treatment is 99.2% effective. As an MD/RN owned and operated treatment center, our services are reimbursed by most insurance companies.

Families who want an effective, fast and safe solution call on Pediatric Hair Solutions to get rid of head lice the first time instead of hassling with over-the-counter chemical treatments that have an effectiveness rate as low as 20%.  Studies show 98% of head lice have mutated to become resistant to Rid, Nix and other common chemical treatments.

Clients treated for head lice by our trained technicians are not charged by the hour like many other head lice removal services. There are no hidden fees, no surprises.

Contact our professionals in Charleston for a mobile consultation. Our treatment services start as low as $85.00. We also provide head lice prevention tips and home clean up instructions.

Call 843-214-4073 for Head Lice Treatment Services. We serve families in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island, Isle of Palms, Ladson, Goose Creek, West Ashley, Hanahan, Summerville and surrounding communities.

The professionals at Pediatric Hair Solutions have treated more than 20,000 children and adults. We are trusted and referred by pediatricians, school nurses and summer camp administrators. Get rid of head lice the first time with our proven treatment process. No chemicals, no combing required!


Study Shows 98% of Head Lice Resistant to Common Over-the-Counter Treatments

Research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology shows 98% of head lice, also called Super Lice, now carry gene mutations that make them resistant to the most common treatments.

The so-called Super Lice have been discovered in 42 states. Super Lice have built up resistance to the chemical pesticide found in over-the-counter treatments used by a vast majority of families in the U.S.

The study analyzed data from 138 sites, across the nation. At 132 of the sites, 100 percent of the lice tested evolved to be resistant to the active chemical ingredients found in the most common treatments.

“This latest study confirms what we see in our clinics daily; families who have used over-the-counter shampoos and prescription treatments for months and still have head lice,” says Sheila Fassler, RN, and owner of Pediatric Hair Solutions. “It is our mission to educate and counsel families about how to treat lice effectively the first time in order to reduce stress and save money.”

Super Lice Resistant to Common Chemical Pesticides

The study analyzed data from 138 sites, across the nation. At 132 of the sites, 100 percent of the lice tested evolved to be resistant to the active chemical ingredients found in the most common treatments.

To determine the extent and magnitude of the kdr-type mutations responsible for this resistance, lice were collected from 138 collection sites in 48 U.S. states from 22 July 2013 to 11 May 2015 and analyzed by quantitative sequencing. Previously published data were used for comparisons of the changes in the frequency of the kdr-type mutations over time.

Pediatric Hair Solutions contributed lice samples for scientists at the University of Massachusetts who analyzed the lice and provided data for the study.

Facts and Fiction about Super Lice


You’ve probably seen stories in the news about the spread of Super Lice. Lice that have mutated to become resistant to the most common over-the-counter treatments are now present in 48 states. In order to prevent Super Lice from hitting your family, it’s important to know the facts and best treatment options.


A recent study shows 99% of head lice have developed a genetic mutation allowing them to resist over-the-counter lice shampoos and prescription chemical OTC lice treatments don't worktreatments.


Lice shampoos like Rid and Nix are not only less effective, they are not ovicidal. That means they only kill live lice, and have no affect on lice eggs. Each egg must be combed out manually with a lice comb.


Head lice have a life cycle of 21 days. If a single egg is missed during a comb out, your child can experience persistent head lice for months. Parents using shampoos and combs assume they have the problem under control while a few left behind eggs develop into live bugs.


Effective head lice eradication involves physically killing lice and eggs rather than using chemicals. Head lice cannot become resistant to a physical method of eradication.


Anyone can get head lice and they actually prefer their hosts be clean.

Pediatric Hair Solutions offers the most successful head lice treatment method using a non-toxic solution in combination with a heated air device.

Head lice cannot become resistant to this method because it physically dehydrates lice and eggs, rather than using chemicals. Many families we treat have spent months and hundreds of dollars using lice shampoos and combs without success. Get rid of lice the first time! Call Pediatric Hair Solutions today.

DIY Hair Repair to Get Ready for Fall

Healthy Hair for Fall


It’s hard to believe that summer is on the way out to make way for fall! Whether this makes you happy or sad, the change is inevitable. Another thing that is inevitable is the damage your hair has suffered from days in the sun, at the beach or in the pool. Now is the time to repair any damage your hair has suffered the past few months, and what better method than DIY! Here are our favorite DIY hair repair treatments to get ready for fall:

Avocado Treatment. Avocados are very nutritious and high in fatty acids, all of which are great for hair repair. During the summer months, a lot of the natural shine can be stripped away through repeated sun exposure and time spent in pools or the ocean. All you need is one ripe avocado and one egg. Mash them together after removing the avocado pit, skin, and the eggshell. Apply to wet hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Try this treatment a couple times this month to help repair damaged hair.

Banana Treatment. For those of you with thinner hair, you’ll love this banana treatment. Bananas contain high levels of potassium and magnesium, which help to strengthen your hair without weighing it down. All you need is a very ripe banana and a tablespoon of honey for this nourishing hair repair treatment. Blend the banana, stir in the honey and then apply to your hair. Cover with a shower cap and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing and shampooing.

Tea Color Boost. Sun exposure, the chemicals in pools, and the salt in the ocean all contribute to the dulling of hair color. Get ready for the beautiful, bold colors of fall by treating yourself with a tea rinse. Tea is a natural color enhancer, so take care to use a light-colored tea such as chamomile, white, or green tea if you have light hair. Also, tea is a great scalp treatment, so you’re hitting two birds with one stone with this treatment! Simply brew a large portion of tea, strain, and let cool to room temperature. Then, pour into a spray bottle or squeeze bottle, apply to wet hair and scalp, massage it in and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse and towel dry to finish.

Oil Treatment. The easiest DIY hair repair treatment is the oil treatment. All you need is one of the following: organic olive oil for normal to dry hair and scalp, or organic jojoba oil for oily hair and scalp. Slightly dampen your hair before applying the oil, then massage it in to make sure everything is covered. Cover with a shower cap and warm towel and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo to finish.

You can find one, or a combination, of these repair treatments that you love and keep using it throughout the year for healthy, lustrous hair. Plus, these DIY treatments are easy to make and all made from easily accessible ingredients. At Pediatric Hair Solutions, we are huge proponents of natural ingredients and non-toxic treatments. We take great care in ensuring that all of our own products and services follow that creed.