As a parent, the thought of head lice brings shivers of fear and frustration. From the itching to

the cleaning and nit picking, head lice are something parents are not excited about. Before you

let your fears and concerns about what to do about lice get the better of you, here are 5 things

that all parents should know:


1. Anyone can get head lice. Contrary to the rumors floating around that lice prefer dirty

hair, clean hair, short hair, or long hair, lice have no preference to hair type, style, or

cleanliness. They are simply attracted to the warmth of the human scalp and feed on

human blood. Also, age is no factor for head lice. Children more commonly get lice due

to how they tend to play and interact with each other both at school and at home. This

does not mean that adults are immune! Parents very often get lice if one of their children

come home with them, and it is not uncommon for adults to pass lice to each other as



2. Head lice are NOT dangerous. Although they look creepy and crawly, head lice are

simple bugs that only live for about 30 days on the human head. Head lice do not carry

diseases nor do they have wings. Head lice are an itchy nuisance but present no real

danger to you or your family’s health.


3. Hand picking and combing takes more time than you think. Although nit picking and

combing are effective in removing head lice, it is an incredibly time-consuming process.

To thoroughly pick and comb through an entire head of hair, you need to set aside 2-5

hours per session and repeat each session at least 3 times. That’s a lot of time! Also, the

effectiveness of hand picking and combing is entirely dependent on the person doing it,

and even one missed egg can lead to reinfestation.


4. It is best to screen the entire family once lice is detected. No matter who

in your family has lice, we recommend screening the entire family. You never know

where the lice came from or how and when you had contact with them during their

infestation. They could have lice for one day or 20 days, it is hard to know. It is best to

be proactive in checking the whole family since it is extremely likely for lice to spread

between family members.


5. There are professionals here to help you. You are not in this alone! At Pediatric Hair Solutions

we understand that you lead busy lives and don’t have the time to deal with

head lice alone. We also understand that not everyone feels comfortable dealing with

these little, annoying bugs, even if you did have the time! We are trained healthcare

professionals who know how frustrating it is when lice have entered your home. From

the initial screening to the final treatment, we will walk through the entire process with

you to ensure that you are comfortable and fully satisfied.


If you discover lice on the head of your child or family member, remember that Pediatric Hair

Solutions is here to help. Contact us with any questions or concerns, or stop by one of our clinic

locations for assistance today!