The thought of head lice is frightening and sometimes devastating, but it shouldn’t be! At

Pediatric Hair Solutions, we understand how traumatic a lice infestation can be for a family,

which is why we are here to provide a safe and effective treatment. We are also here to help

you stay informed and lice-free. Here are five ways to protect against head lice:

1. Practice keeping head and hair to yourself. It is harder than you think to keep your

head and hair to yourself. Do you hug your friends and family when you greet them? Do

you lean into those around you when taking photos? These things are not inherently

bad, of course, but you see how easy it is to come into contact with another person’s

head and hair. For children, it is even harder. They play, wrestle, lay head to head at

sleepovers, tell secrets, and generally hold fewer boundaries when it comes to

interacting with their friends and siblings. In order to protect against head lice, one of the

most important things is to practice keeping your head and hair to yourself.

2. Keep your scalp healthy, so lice are easier to detect. Keeping a healthy scalp won’t

keep lice away, necessarily, but it will certainly make lice detection so much easier.

Many people are actually misdiagnosed for lice when, instead, they simply have a dry

scalp or dandruff. Taking care of your scalp by properly washing your hair is the first

step. This means different things for different people. Some need to wash their hair

every day, some only once a week. A hair stylist or dermatologist can help you

determine the best frequency of hair washing if you are unsure. The next step is treating

any scalp problems that you may have. Again, a hair stylist or dermatologist can help

you if you are unsure. Knowing your own scalp and hair type is a big step in protecting

against lice because, if something changes or your head becomes itchy out of nowhere,

you are better prepared to detect lice and treat them faster.

3. Talk to friends, family, and others in your community about head lice. Talking to

those around us is a great way to protect against head lice. The more we are all

comfortable talking about these pesky bugs, the better. If we can freely discuss lice with

those around us, we can more quickly identify an infestation and better protect ourselves

and our community.

4. Learn about head lice to make detection easier. Do you know what head lice look

like? How big they are? What their eggs look like? How long they live? The more you

know about lice, the easier detection will be and thus faster treatment. Even if you can

spot head lice on someone else, you can take preventative measures for you and others

who have come in contact with the lice. The more you know, the better you can protect

against head lice.

5. Teach your children these things so they can better protect themselves. Don’t

forget to teach your children these things! It can be somewhat easy to practice these

things as adults, but informing children is the best way to protect everyone from head

lice. Work together with them to instill good habits, practice talking about lice, read about

lice together, and make it a fun, family activity. Together we can all protect ourselves

better against head lice.

Although it is important and helpful to protect your family against head lice, there is no

guarantee that you will be completely lice-free. If you do find a little louse or nit on a family

member’s head, then contact Pediatric Hair Solutions right away. We have a completely non-

toxic and effective treatment that is safe for the whole family!