While there is no “season” for head lice, it can be more common in the winter months as children and families are in tighter quarters, families gather for the holidays and winter apparel is swapped and shared.

We’ve compiled the top tips to help you and your family avoid getting head lice this winter.

1. Don’t Share Hats, Jackets or Scarves

It’s less common for lice to spread through clothing but it’s always a good idea to remind your child not to share hats or winter clothing that comes in contact with hair.

2. Avoid ‘Community Piles’

If your child wears a jacket and hat to school, it’s best to put them in their backpack when they get to school. Avoid piling hats or scarves in piles in the classroom or at recess.

3. Wear a Hoodie at Movie Theaters and on Airplanes

If you’re traveling this winter or heading to a movie, bring along a hooded jacket or sweater to avoid any chance of head lice from the seat you or your child are sitting in.

4. Keep Hair in Tight Buns and Braids

Girls with long hair are especially susceptible to getting head lice since head to head contact is the most common way lice is spread. Loose hair is more likely to come in contact with hair from another child or adult with an active case of head lice.

Keep in mind, 97% of head lice cases are spread through direct head to head contact. So the best way to prevent lice is to avoid close head contact with others, that includes selfies, sharing a pillow, whispering and hugging.

Lice also have an acute sense of smell and do not like scents including mint, rosemary and tea tree oil. Use our mint scented Lice Prevention Spray each morning to keep head lice from moving onto your or your child’s head.