AMAZING, AMAZING!!!! My daughter had lice three years ago. I managed to get rid of it as it was not a very bad case. But the time and money not to mention the chemicals... And the complete upset of my household, what a disaster!!! Since then, I do monthly lice checks on both of my children. This past Sunday while in the car I noticed my daughter scratching away. I checked her when we got home and sure enough she had those little buggers again. UGH!!! I got some of the pretreatment from my sister, then called Pediatric Hair Solutions and had a appointment for Monday. The staff there is amazing and very accommodating! They checked my whole family, luckily only my daughter was infected. What could have been hell for weeks to months on end, lasted 2 days. They are an amazing group of ladies, and the whole process is fantastic!! Worth every penny!!! I pray she never gets it again, but if she does, we will absolutely seek help from them again!!!

Sheila Shamel

After realizing my daughter had lice, I ran to the drugstore and bought an otc product. She used it and the dead lice came out, then I spent 2 1/2 hours nit picking her hair. The next day she was still itching, so I called Michelle at Pediatric Hair Solutions who informed me that the otc products are only 20% effective (yikes!) I brought my daughter in the next day and to my surprise she still had active lice and nits. I was so happy I did so, Michelle and her team are wonderful and educating. I'm so glad I did this, my time (and sanity) is worth it!

Lisa Durham

This was one of the easiest, most enjoyable experiences I have had coming out of a horrible situation. Michelle called me back almost immediately, calmed my fears and made me feel so secure. After trying over the counter treatments for almost a week, I was at my wit's end. I am so grateful for Michelle and Karen. They were professional, friendly and kid-friendly! I will never again battle lice in my house - I will immediately come to Pediatric Hair Solutions!

Caroline Burnette

This place is awesome! Got the dreaded call from school today that my middle child has has head lice!!!! A friend referred me to Pediatric Hair Solutions in Cary. They checked my entire family for free since my daughter received treatment through them. They actually did everything in the office for us, and we got it taken care of in one day! Michelle and her team are amazing! They made a stressful situation so much better- definitely put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend and I will not hesitate to come here immediately if this ever happens to us again! Oh- they accept HSA/flex pay too!!!!

Amanda Chappell

My daughter and I were both tested positive with lice, we tried all of the over the counter products and nothing was working. Everyone at Pediatric Hair Solutions have a lot of knowledge about lice and we have had a great experience. I especially liked the option to pay with our Flexpay!!!

Tara Davis

The staff at Pediatric Hair Solutions were very informative and helpful when my daughter was infected with lice. I had not experienced hair lice before with either of my kids so I had no idea what to do. Michele educated me on treatment and follow-up. I was very pleased with the service and I felt so relieved after our visit. I would highly recommend contacting them if any of your kids bring home the dreaded head lice. They will also educate you on preventative measures if your kids attend camps, sleepovers, etc.

Janet Yount

I was at my wits end when I called the Cary office for help with my two kids' lice infestations. Michelle spent a long time with me on the phone to help explain the process. During the treatment the staff was friendly and patient with all of my questions. I highly recommend their services!

Heidi Hobbler