Fort Mill Lice Clinic

Professional lice removal servicesIf you’re looking for a Fort Mill Lice Clinic that is medically owned and operated, turn to the head lice professionals at Pediatric Hair Solutions in South Charlotte. Our medically trained technicians provide the most effective head lice treatment that is 100% guaranteed.  Our HIPAA compliant lice clinic ensures patient privacy and our private treatment rooms ensure there is never cross contamination.

If you’ve been struggling with recurring head lice, rest assured that your struggle is over by coming to Pediatric Hair Solutions for the best lice treatment in the greater Charlotte area, including Fort Mill, Rock Hill and surrounding communities in South Carolina.

Treatment options include a Home Kit, a FloSonix heated air device or our Full Service, one and done head lice treatment. Our medical protocol begins with the application of treatment solution to kill live bugs, followed by a heated air device treatment to dessicate all lice eggs was shown in a clinical study of 281 patients to be 100% effective.  The protocol also includes the application of treatment solution following the heat treatment in order to prevent reinfestation.

Our Charlotte Lice Clinic is a licensed healthcare practice, our services are reimbursable by many insurance plans and we are the only lice treatment provider with a full time insurance staff member who will re-file claims on your behalf. All of our treatment options include complimentary head checks for the entire family and a post head check to give all of our patients peace of mind that they are lice free. While at our treatment center, we spend a great deal of time educating families on head lice and providing the best tips to how to prevent it from happening again.

Families from Fort Mill and Rock Hill who seek treatment at our Lice Clinic are encouraged to tell extended family and close friends that they were positive for head lice. Anyone else in their circle who is positive should also be treated in order to reduce the chances of reinfestation