Lice Treatment Fort Mill

Head lice treatment services by medical professionals.Best Lice Treatment for Patients in Fort Mill

For the best head lice treatment in the Fort Mill area, trust the medically trained professionals at Pediatric Hair Solutions. We are the only licensed healthcare practice in South and North Carolina dedicated exclusively to head lice treatment, conveniently located near I-485 and Pineville Matthews Road.

Our non-toxic treatment solution and heated air medical device combine to provide you with the safest and most effective head lice treatment available in the Charlotte, Fort Mill and Rock Hill area. We offer a 30 day, 100% guarantee.

The trained professionals at Pediatric Hair Solutions are experts in the treatment of head lice. It’s what we do all day, every day and we do it the best! Our lice treatment consists of a non-toxic solution that suffocates and kills live bugs, followed by a heated air device to dehydrate and desiccate the eggs. Leave our Charlotte lice clinic completely lice free. No chemicals and no combing is required.

For the convenience of our Fort Mill and Rock Hill patients, we have bottles of our treatment solution at a medical facility in Rock Hill. This can be accessed after hours so families can begin treatment as soon as possible.

We are recommended by hundreds of pediatricians, school nurses, camp medical staff and parents who are former patients. All of our head lice treatment options include free head checks for the entire family. We also include education and prevention tips during your screening and treatment. Every family member that is treated will also get a free follow up head check.

Services for head lice treatment in our lice center are reimbursable by many insurance companies. We are the only head lice treatment center with a full time staff member that will re-file claims on behalf of our patients. We can also file a letter of medical necessity from our Medical Director.

We can see patients the same day they call. If your choose our full service, one and done treatment, you’ll leave lice free. All of our treatments begin with the application of our non-toxic treatment solution which suffocates and kills the live bugs. The next step is to get rid of the eggs. That can be done by combing at home or the application of our in clinic heated air medical device which dehydrates the nits.