Help “Foster The Movement” This Holiday Season

With the holidays just around the corner, we felt that now would be the perfect time to reflect on the very special community partnership that Pediatric Hair Solutions has with Foster Village Charlotte and their quest to help children in need with the Foster the Movement campaign. 

Opening your home to a child in need of a safe and stable environment is one of the greatest gifts that a family can give, yet so many foster families feel unprepared and overwhelmed by the system. The children often come into the foster family’s care from a crisis situation with very little notice, few belongings and tremendous needs to be met in order to heal and feel safe. These special families encounter many obstacles during the transition, and head lice is often one of them. While we can’t solve every challenge, we CAN help ensure lice is not one of them! 

Pediatric Hair Solutions is proud to support Foster Village and their Foster the Movement campaign by offering free boxes of our non-toxic treatment solution, along with a discounted rate for head lice treatment for the children of Foster Village families. We were inspired to partner with them because of the important work they do to fill in the gaps that government agencies don’t have the time or resources to address – like navigating the world of Medicaid and social work, equipping families with the basic essentials for new foster children, and connecting families that so often feel isolated.

Their goal is to quickly meet the many emergency needs of foster families and help them sustain a successful journey with emotional support and essential training. 

Want to help Foster the Movement?

Foster Village Charlotte is completely funded by individual donors and grants. Click HERE to make an online donation or to become a Monthly Partner.  They have also created a community Facebook group for non-foster families and fostering families called Foster Village Charlotte Swap, where folks can donate new or gently items to donate to members of their fostering network. 

You can learn more about this incredible organization and what they do for our community by reading our interview with Molly Zalewski, Co-Founder, Foster Village. You can also check out their website, sign up for their newsletter, or follow them on Facebook/Instagram @fostervillagecharlottte. We are so proud to offer our products and services to these families!