Best Lice Treatment in Greenville

Best head lice removalIf you’re looking for the best lice treatment in Greenville, trust the medical professionals at Pediatric Hair Solutions. We are the only licensed health care practice in Greenville that is dedicated exclusively to treating head lice.

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a non-toxic product that suffocates and kills all live bugs. We then follow up with a heated air medical device treatment that desiccates and dehydrates all lice eggs.

The best lice treatment in Greenville at Pediatric Hair Solutions has a success rate greater than 99%. Patients leave completely lice free, no need to comb at home.

Many families are not aware that most lice have developed resistance to the most commonly used over the counter products. A study conducted in 2016 shows 98% of lice have mutated over the years and are now resistant to most chemicals. Many of the families who come to us have already treated with over the counter chemical products for several weeks, even months and can’t get rid of head lice. That’s how bad the head lice resistance problem has become.

Our Greenville lice treatment center uses a physician formulated treatment solution that suffocates and kills all live bugs. Lice cannot become resistant to a physical eradication. It’s also much safer than using pesticides. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective urgent care head lice treatment in Greenville that works the first time, guaranteed. The scientifically-based lice treatments at Pediatric Hair Solutions include options for every budget.

Each treatment includes head checks for all household members, follow up checks to ensure success, education on prevention and 24/7 support. Don’t waste time and money on chemical treatments that are proven to be ineffective. Our medically trained professionals have treated more than 25,000 children and adults. The Medical Director of Pediatric Hair Solutions, Dr. John E. Fassler, MD, presented research to the Pediatric Infectious Disease Research Conference, demonstrating the effectiveness of our treatment process.

Pediatric Hair Solutions is an MD/RN owned and operated health care practice. We are trusted by pediatricians in Greenville, Anderson, Simpsonville and surrounding areas. School nurses in the Greenville County School District also refer families to our licensed health care practice for head lice treatment.

If your child attends school in the Greenville area, you can view the links below to head lice policies at area schools:

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