Greenville Lice Removal

Best head lice treatmentIf you’re searching for the best way to remove head lice, Pediatric Hair Solutions in Greenville offers the most effective lice eradication services. Our Greenville Lice Removal treatment center is a medically owned and operated health care practice. Trust our trained professionals to safely and effectively get rid of head lice the first time, guaranteed.

If you’ve been treating head lice for weeks without success, you’re not alone. The most common over the counter products are no longer effective at treating lice. Head lice have mutated over the years to develop resistance to the most commonly used chemicals in lice products. Many families treat multiple times with over the counter products and not only do their kids still have lice, it has spread throughout the family.

The treatment solution used at our Greenville Lice Removal clinic is completely non-toxic and suffocates head lice instead of attacking them with chemicals. Our FloSonix heated air device dehydrates the eggs, no combing is necessary and you leave our clinic lice free!

Pediatric Hair Solutions is proud to partner with Shriners Hospital for Children in Greenville, providing safe and effective lice treatment to pediatric patients who are scheduled for surgery. We have also treated patients at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte and Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem.

Pediatric Hair Solutions in Greenville is a HIPAA compliant medical practice with private treatment rooms to protect patient privacy and prevent cross contamination. We follow universal precautions required of medical practices and strict disinfecting protocols.

Other lice treatment providers are business owners with no medical background who simply operate as a franchise. They also treat patients in an open setting with treatment chairs next to one another. This increases the chance for cross contamination and decreases a patient’s privacy.