Clinical study presented to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Pediatric Infectious Disease Society Research Conference by John Fassler, MD, Medical Director of Pediatric Hair Solutions.

Abstract #201221

A New Treatment Approach to Pediculosis Utilizing the Lousebuster TM Device and Safe, Non-Toxic Treatment Solutions

John E. Fassler, MD, Medical Director, Pediatric Hair Solutions, Brooke Luneborg, Certified Lice Technician; and Sheila M Fassler, RN, CEO Pediatric Hair Solutions

Pediculosis is the second most common communicable disease in elementary school children. It has been difficult and time consuming to eradicate. Human head lice is responsible for countless days of missed school and work. Its economic impact is tremendous. The Lousebuster TM device was granted FDA-clearance in 2006 for treatment of pediculosis. It has been shown in a previous study to be 84% effective in killing live lice and 99.2% effective in killing nits.

The purpose of our study was to demonstrate the extremely high efficacy of the Lousebuster TM device when combined with pre and post treatment with a safe olive oil/ dimethicone solution. Patients were enrolled in the study a Pediatric Hair Solutions; a community based head lice treatment clinic. Informed consent was obtained. Pretreatment consisting of an olive oil/dimethicone solution soak for 15 minutes was done on day one – 1 to eradicate live activity. A 30 minute Lousebuster TM device treatment was performed on day 0. Repeat 15 minute soaks with the olive oil/dimethicone solution were performed on day 4, day 8 and day 12.

281 consecutive patients were enrolled. There were no documented primary treatment failures. Three clients had recurrence of head lice. One was noncompliant with post treatment and the other two cases were determined to be reinfestations. All were successfully retreated. No untoward side effects were reported to either the LousebusterTM device or the oil treatments. We conclude that our method utilizing the LousebusterTM device in conjunction with safe, non-toxic treatment solutions is safe and extremely effective.