There’s nothing better than cozy family time during the holidays. Unfortunately, holidays and head lice go hand-in-hand!

97% of head lice cases are spread through direct head to head contact. That means the close quarters of family gatherings can increase your exposure to head lice. To help keep your holiday stress free and lice free, keep the following tips in mind:


  • Avoid direct head to head contact
  • Use prevention spray (click here to purchase our mint scented repellent)
  • Girls should wear their hair in tight buns and braids (click here to see our video tutorial for lice-free hairstyles)
  • Don’t share brushes combs, hats, helmets, towels and pillows


  • Head lice eggs (nits) are most commonly found near the scalp, behind the ears and neckline.
  • Nits are usually found within 1/2 inch of the scalp. They are small, teardrop-shaped eggs that are white to yellow in color.
  • Nits are essentially “glued” to the hair. They will not move without being pulled with some force with your fingernails. Dandruff or debris will not be stuck on the hair and will move if you brush or blow on it.


  • Head lice do not “live” in the home environment and do not jump or fly and they do not ‘burrow’ in bedding. In the unlikely event they come off the head, they will die within 24-48 hours.
  • Anyone can get lice. It has nothing to do with personal hygiene, ethnicity or age.
  • Pets cannot get lice.
  • Only 50% of people with head lice experience itching.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have lice strike in your family, make sure to be screened by professionals. Lice is very contagious and can spread quickly if it’s not detected and treated properly.

Pediatric Hair Solutions provides the most safe and effective treatment on the market today, delivered by medically trained professionals. Our non-toxic treatment solution kills all live bugs and our heated air device dehydrates all nits. Leave our treatment center lice free! Click here to view the location nearest you.