checking for lice

Non-toxic head lice treatment doesn’t have to be a mystery. At Pediatric Hair Solutions, we specialize in safe and effective non-toxic treatment that gets the job done. Here is a breakdown of how our non-toxic treatment works:


How does it work?

At Pediatric Hair Solutions we have a line of non-toxic, clinically-tested head lice treatment and preventative products. Together, with our heated air medical device treatment and our natural lice products make a full treatment process that is 100% effective. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Why does it work?

Head lice and nits are composed of high levels of water and are also accustomed to protected, humid environments. The device uses a combination of quick, dry heat and air that dehydrates the lice, causing them to die. What makes this method especially effective as a head lice treatment is how it affects the louse at every life stage. Most over-the-counter or DIY head lice treatments only target adult head lice, leaving any nits behind to hatch and cause an infestation all over again.


Does it take long?

One of the best things about non-toxic head lice treatment is how much shorter it takes than other treatments. Combing and picking by hand is fairly effective but takes hours and days of dedicated, slow, and focused work. Additionally, one missed nit can lead to a reinfestation, so thoroughness is key but can take a while. Who has time for that? Not many people that we know. The short treatment time is a big reason that our non-toxic treatment is so popular. The treatment time is approximately 30 minutes, with some extra time set aside for the pre and post treatment package.


Pediatric Hair Solutions

Filtering through all the static to find a non-toxic head lice treatment can be a challenge. Don’t let the search overwhelm you, but instead contact a Pediatric Hair Solutions near your for more information or to set up a consultation. Our experienced healthcare professionals are standing by to help you get rid of head lice quickly and painlessly so you can move on with your life!