Pediatric Hair Solutions has announced the launch of a nonprofit foundation to provide free head lice treatment to low income children and families.

The PHS Community Care Foundation will focus on providing underserved families with free, safe and effective head lice treatment services and education.

Head lice is a growing problem across the U.S. because lice have developed resistance to chemicals in the most common over the counter products. This is especially burdensome on low income families, many of whom battle chronic head lice for years without access to a professional treatment that works. Children with chronic lice often miss school and suffer from the negative stigma associated with head lice.

“Since we opened our treatment centers seven years ago, we’ve partnered with school nurses and social workers to provide free or subsidized treatment for low income families who have been struggling with chronic lice,” said Sheila Fassler, RN, owner of Pediatric Hair Solutions. “By establishing a foundation dedicated to serving underprivileged families we’ll be able to expand the number of treatments we can provide for families in need.”

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a non-toxic treatment solution to kill adult lice and a heated air medical device to dehydrate all lice eggs. Published clinical research on the 3 step treatment process at Pediatric Hair Solutions was presented to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Pediatric Infectious Disease Society Research Conference.