Pediatric Hair Solutions was recently featured in North Carolina’s Health and Wellness Magazine. The article detailed the facts and myths surrounding head lice, including recent studies that reveal 98% of head lice have developed resistance to the most common over-the-counter products like Rid and Nix.

North Carolina Health and Wellness head lice facts

Health and Wellness Magazine Author Amy Burton owns Revel Salon and Color Studio in Tega Cay, SC. She refers her clients to Pediatric Hair Solutions because she wants them to receive fast, effective and medically sound treatment for head lice. She also likes the fact that the treatment solutions developed by Pediatric Hair Solutions are non-toxic and contain no pesticides.

As Amy points out in her article, “Not only was I highly impressed with their knowledge and expertise, the facility is extremely clean and comfortable.” She also talks about her own experience as a stylist seeing that head lice does not discriminate.

“Head lice is highly contagious and can find a home on any head – regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. In over 35 years as a cosmetologist, I’ve encountered people with lice from toddlers to grandparents in their eighties. It used to be the schools sent notes home informing parents when there was an outbreak in the classroom.”

“Now, many of them don’t bother. If you have school age children, work with kids, or know students living in a college dormitory, it’s a good idea to perform regular head checks – and know what to look for! Unsettling as it may be – believe it or not, many professionals including hair stylists, nurses and even doctors often miss lice infestations because they are not educated enough to know it when they see it.”

“The best head lice prevention is to avoid sharing brushes, combs, hats and bedding, especially with anyone who has an active lice infestation. There are also safe, non-toxic, natural preventative sprays that keep lice away. More and more people are using them on their children daily, especially when they hear of an outbreak at school. These products are available through Pediatric Hair Solutions, as well as select pharmacies and salons.”