Pediatric Hair Solutions was pleased to partner with Camp CARE by providing free head checks on their camp intake day. More than 180 campers took part in Camp CARE this summer. The camp is located on Lake Lure.

Camp CARE provides a week long summer camp for children who have, or have had cancer. Camp CARE  (Cancer Ain’t Really the End) provides support, fun and friendship for children and family’s throughout their journey. The camp believes a child is first and foremost, a child – not just a cancer patient.

Pediatric Hair Solutions provided free head checks for nearly 200 campers at Camp Care in Charlotte.

The summer camp is for kids in all stages of the treatment journey: on- or off-treatment, in remission or fighting relapse, no symptoms or side effects and those with physical and mental challenges.

The week of summer summer camp allows our campers the chance to get away from the realities of living with cancer – while still being under medical supervision at all times. The camp is staffed 24/7 by medical professionals.

Camp CARE provides a normal camp experience for children with cancer and their siblings from ages 6-16.

Campers participate in camp activities like tubing, arts & crafts, swimming, a talent show, a dance, and so much more! Most importantly, campers have the chance to meet new friends and connect with others who are undergoing the same things that they are going through.

Camp CARE is available to families affected by cancer thanks to the generous donations. Click here if you are interested in donating to Camp CARE.