Head lice can turn the fun and adventure of summer camp into a nightmare. The spread of head lice is more common at summer camps because of group activities and shared sleeping quarters. According to research, 60% of camp leaders say lice infestations were a substantial burden on staff, campers and their families.

The head lice experts at Pediatric Hair Solutions partner with some of the largest residential summer camps in North and South Carolina to ensure a lice free summer camp environment.






Teams of medically trained technicians are at camp intake days throughout the summer to perform head check screenings before camp begins. Campers found to be positive for lice are treated immediately so they don’t have to miss out on first day camp activities.

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a non-toxic treatment solution to suffocate and kill all live bugs and a heated air medical device to dehydrate all lice eggs. Campers are completely lice and nit free when the protocol is complete.

“We have been a medical resource for dozens of camps over the last 8 years,” said Sheila Fassler, R.N., owner of Pediatric Hair Solutions. “Our services allow camp medical staff to focus on important intake tasks such as tracking medications and collecting medical forms.”

In 2018 alone, the staff at Pediatric Hair Solutions screened more than 7,300 campers for head lice. The company also offers training and consulting services for camp counselors and medical staff.

We proudly partner with the following camps in the Carolinas: Camp GreystoneCamp CrestridgeCamp RidgecrestCamp WayfarerCamp WeaverSalvation Army Camps ,  Camp CARE.

Contact us today is you need helping ensuring a lice free summer camp for your campers this summer!