Trusted by Pediatricians

Pediatric Hair Solutions is an MD/RN owned and operated healthcare practice dedicated exclusively to treating head lice in the most effective, safe and confidential manner.  

We are a trusted care provider at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, Shriners Hospitals for Children in Greenville and Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem.  

  • Referred by Hundreds of Pediatricians
  • Treatments Reimbursed by Many Insurance Plans
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Strict Infection Control and Cross-Contamination Prevention Guidelines Followed 

If a case of head lice is suspected in one of your patients, we offer screening and treatment for the entire household. Head lice is very contagious. If one child in the family is positive, there is a high probability other family members also have lice.

In a clinical trial, our treatment protocol was shown to be greater than 99% effective in eradicating head lice. We use a non-toxic solution that acts as a suffocant, killing all adult bugs. We follow up  with our heated air professional device that dehydrates all nits.

Pediatric Hair Solutions Clinical Study Abstract

Research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology

Referring a Patient to Pediatric Hair Solutions 

Want to learn more about head lice research and the treatment protocol used at Pediatric Hair Solutions?

We can host an on-site Lunch and Learn session for the staff at your practice.

Call 704-909-9414 for more information or request a Lunch and Learn in the message section of our Contact Page.