There Actually IS a Good Reason Our Patients Do a Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment… And It is NOT to ‘Sell More Products’

“Sorry, but your child has head lice” is a sentence that NO parent ever wants to hear, and yet so many of us do. Head lice are a very common and treatable condition, but they’re just so darn hard to get rid of! Head lice is a communicable disease and if left unchecked or inadequately treated, it could quickly spread to other family members and friends. 

Like any other disease, you’ll want to be treated by medical professionals that specialize in treating head lice like the technicians at Pediatric Hair Solutions. We can eradicate head lice quickly (typically in one 30 minute treatment) using a safe, non-toxic method that is scientifically proven to work.

Our patients leave our treatment center lice free, with clean and dry hair, and can immediately return to normal school or work activities. Pediatric Hair Solutions is the only lice treatment clinic that offers a 100% guarantee for patients who follow our three-step method, including a pre-treatment and post-treatment.

First, we kill ALL live bugs with our physician formulated, non-toxic pre-treatment solution.

The solution soaks on the hair for 20 minutes and is followed by a shampoo and rinse. This pre-treatment suffocates and kills all adult bugs and halts egg production. By killing all live activity, the patient is no longer contagious. This step is critical because it prevents the spread of lice and cross contamination in the treatment environment.

Second, we use the FloSonix medical device to dehydrate the eggs/nits.

This in-clinic treatment works heated air, in a timed and specific pattern, through the hair for 30 minutes and has been proven to be safe, fast and effective at killing lice and eggs. We follow this with a comb out to remove empty egg casings. 

The third phase of treatment involves three easy applications of a non-toxic post-treatment solution over the first 14 days following your in-clinic treatment.

This step helps guard against reinfestation, which typically happens within the first 2 weeks as the child/ you return to your usual environment (which is where you contracted lice in the first place). We require this step for our 30 day guarantee. The only time we do not require this step is when we treat in a camp setting as we know the camp is lice free so there is no chance of reinfestation.

Our medical protocol of applying a treatment solution first to kill live bugs, followed by a heated air device treatment to desiccate all lice eggs was shown in a clinical study of 281 patients to be > 99% effective.

Unlike other lice treatment providers, we don’t cut corners. 

Some lice treatment providers skip the pre-treatment and go straight to the heated air device to get clients in and out of their doors faster. However, you should know that use of a heated air device applied to a patient with live lice will NOT kill all bugs.

That means there is a risk of cross contamination as the bugs can be blown around the room from the heated air device. One study shows an older heat device used at other lice clinics kills only 84% of live bugs. 

Some have even falsely claimed the purpose of the pre-treatment and post-treatment protocol is to “sell more products”. This could not be further from the truth. We require those steps because we refuse to cut corners.

Also, our treatment options have a one time, flat fee, no matter the length or thickness of hair. Our patients know up front what the final cost will be, no surprises. 

The fact is, our three step non-toxic lice treatment, including pre-treatment and post-treatment, works.

A clinical study done at our corporate headquarters was presented to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Pediatric Infectious Disease Society Research Conference by John Fassler, MD, Medical Director of Pediatric Hair Solutions.

The study of 281 patients concluded there were no treatment failures following this protocol. You can read the study details here.

Head Lice Treatment By Medical Professionals

Pediatric Hair Solutions is your local, professional resource for head lice information and treatment.  Established by a nurse with a dream to help families, Pediatric Hair Solutions is your local, professional resource for head lice information and treatment.

Our staff of healthcare professionals is committed to providing the safest and highest quality of care available. Because we are medically owned and operated, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of care. Our healthcare professionals are committed to providing the safest and highest quality of care available.

The treatments at Pediatric Hair Solutions have a greater than 99% effectiveness rate, and we offer a 30 day 100% guarantee.

You can view each of our treatment options here. To make an appointment or get more information, call 704-909-9414. If you do not live near one of our treatment centers, we highly recommend using our Home Treatment Kit

For more information on how to prevent and treat head lice, visit our FAQ page and Lice Facts page.