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It’s estimated 2% – 4% of school-aged children experience head lice at any given time.

The problem can be more prevalent when ineffective treatments are used. Research shows 98% of head lice are now resistant to the most common over-the-counter treatments.

While there is no way to prevent head lice from occurring in your school, it is helpful to educate staff and parents to assist in preventing the spread once head lice is diagnosed in a classroom.

Pediatric Hair Solutions is an MD/RN owned and operated healthcare practice dedicated exclusively to treating head lice in the most effective, safe and confidential manner. Our services are 100% guaranteed and reimbursable by many insurance plans. 

We partner with school nurses in our 8 service areas to provide the most accurate, research-based information regarding the spread, prevention and treatment of head lice.

  • The National Association of School Nurses recommends school nurses provide accurate health education to the school community focused on dispelling common myths about head lice. Download our Myths vs. Facts Tip Sheet for more information.
  • The NASN also recommends educating families about how to assess their children for suspected head lice. Pediatric Hair Solutions can provide training sessions for nurses focused on lice detection and assessment.
  • Refer to our FAQ page for answers to the most commonly asked questions about head lice.
  • Download our Home Cleaning Guide to assist teachers and parents after head lice has been discovered. There are a lot of myths surrounding this topic. Our guide is based on scientific research.

If a case of head lice is suspected in one of your students, we offer screening and treatment for the entire household. Head lice is very contagious. If one child in the family is positive, there is a high probability other family members also have lice.

In a clinical trial, our treatment protocol was shown to be greater than 99% effective in eradicating head lice. We use a non-toxic solution that acts as a suffocant, killing all adult bugs. We follow up  with our heated air professional device that dehydrates all nits.

Want to learn more? The experts at Pediatric Hair Solutions offer:

  • District Nurse Meeting Presentations
  • Educational Training and Lunch-and-Learns Sessions
  • Teleconference for Anonymous Parent FAQ’s
  • In-School Head Check Support

For more information, call 704-909-9414 or fill out the message section of our Contact Page.