Without a doubt, the most common call we receive at Pediatric Hair Solutions is from a parent who has been treating their child for head lice for several weeks, sometimes months. Not only are they not able to get rid of lice, but it has usually spread to other family members. The most common reason for this is that lice have developed resistance to the chemicals in the most common over the counter treatments.

We knew we had to develop a non-chemical approach to killing lice and nits that was safe and effective. To kill the bugs, we developed and clinically tested a non-toxic treatment solution that is proven to suffocate and kill all live lice.

The next step is eradicating the nits, which is the most labor intensive part of the lice removal process. Working with a team of engineers, we developed a heated air medical device, called the FloSonix, which dehydrates/desiccates the nits and prevents the need to do any combing at all.

The FloSonix uses a specific temperature, flow rate and time sequential pattern across the head, proven to desiccate all nits in a 30 minute treatment. Parents who choose this option are looking for the convenience of medically trained professionals to quickly and effectively eradicate head lice, without the need for combing.

Treatment options using our heated air medical device come with a 30 day, 100% guarantee. The other benefit to our treatment options is they have a one time, flat fee, no matter the length or thickness of hair. That way patients know up front what the final cost will be, no surprises.

A clinical study done at our corporate headquarters was presented to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Pediatric Infectious Disease Society Research Conference by John Fassler, MD, Medical Director of Pediatric Hair Solutions. The study of 281 patients concluded there were no treatment failures following this protocol. You can read the study details here.