1. Louse Is the treatment toxic free and chemical free?
  2. Does your treatment effectively kill the lice and their nits?
  3. What is the effectiveness rate of the treatment?

If you want a head lice treatment that is toxic free and chemical free, kills lice and their nits and is 100% effective, contact Pediatric Hair Solutions or a treatment and/or any concerns you may have about your Head Lice needs.

Researchers have been warning for years that head lice in the U.S. and around the world are developing immunity to the strong insecticides used in over-the-counter and prescription shampoos. It takes just three to five years for the bugs to adapt to a new product, despite claims to the contrary by the manufacturers.
– ‘Super lice’ leave parents scratching their heads, MSNBC

As school starts, health officials and parents are bracing for this year’s bout with what some are calling “super lice.” Some of the bugs have become drug-resistant, and no longer respond to common anti-lice medications.
– Officials Warn Against Drug-Resistant ‘Super Lice’ CBS TV