If you have elementary school children, chances are you have received the infamous “lice letter” from your child’s school. Schools often send a letter home when there is a higher than normal level of head lice detected in a group or class of students.

While the idea of head lice going around the classroom can send parents into a panic, don’t worry, we’ve got tips for you to keep in mind the next time there’s a lice outbreak at school.

1.  Remember that head lice is very common and not harmful. Anyone can get head lice and it has nothing to do with hygiene.

2.   If the school nurse does not conduct classroom head checks during a lice outbreak, it’s important that your child and your family be check by a professional. Head lice is very contagious and if you don’t catch it early it can spread throughout the family.

3.  If anyone in your family is positive, it’s important to get treated right away.

4.  Research head lice treatment options because many of them don’t work. Head lice have developed resistance to the most common over-the-counter and prescription products. (Journal of Medical Entomology).

5.  Tell everyone in your circle of family and friends that one or more members of your family have head lice. In order to reduce the spread of head lice and prevent re-infestation, it’s important for everyone in your circle to be checked and treated.

Pediatric Hair Solutions is the only licensed healthcare practice in the Carolinas that exclusively treats head lice. Our non-toxic products kill lice by suffocation and our heated air device dehydrates the lice eggs. Lice cannot become resistant to this method of eradication. Our services are reimbursable by many insurance plans and we have a 100% guarantee.