“I have treated my daughters twice and am still finding lice!”  

“What am I doing wrong when lice won’t leave us alone?”

“We have tried all the shampoos and can’t get rid of lice!” 

“I have used a prescription lice treatment from our doctor and then over the counter treatments and lice keep coming back!

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. These are comments from just a few of our many clients who turn to us for help when lice won’t leave after months of battle.

The problem of persistent lice causes extreme stress, lost time at school and work, not to mention the hundreds of dollars spent on treatments that don’t work. At Pediatric Hair Solutions, we have treated over 25,000 children and adults without a single treatment failure.

If you’re struggling with persistent head lice, HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about why common treatments often don’t work and details on more effective solutions. 

1.Head lice are resistant to the most common over-the-counter treatments. 

A recent study shows 98% of head lice have developed resistance to the pesticides found in over the counter products. As chemical treatments become more and more potent, lice have mutated over the years to resist the neurotoxins found in those products. 

The result? Many over-the-counter treatments have an effectiveness rate as low as 20%, no matter how many times you use them. This is a common reason for persistent lice infestations and can only be eradicated with non-chemical solutions that lice cannot become resistant to.

2.  There is a common pattern of lice suppression and resurgence when families use lice shampoos and prescription treatments.

What does that mean? Since lice shampoos only kill live bugs and not their eggs, it’s up to parents to comb out every single lice egg. If just one or two are left behind, it will take about 3 weeks for those left behind eggs to hatch, starting a new cycle of lice infestation.

During those weeks, parents think they have the problem under control, not knowing those eggs are developing into live bugs and spreading further among family members. In other words, the lice aren’t necessarily coming back, they were never completely gone in the first place.

3. Physical eradication of lice and eggs is most effective.

Non-chemical products and treatment modalities that physically kill bugs and eggs, instead of attacking them with chemicals, will successfully eradicate a case of head lice. Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a non-toxic solution that suffocates and kills live bugs by entering their breathing apparatus. We also use a heated air device that dehydrates eggs, leaving behind empty egg casings.

For a 100% effective and guaranteed solution, we recommend our 3-step process which includes natural pre-treatment solution, a 30-minute heated air treatment and post treatment with our non-toxic solution. Your child leaves our treatment center totally lice free and includes a 30 day guarantee.

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