Pediatric Hair Solutions delivers a new standard of care in the treatment of head lice. Our medically trained staff will get rid of your lice the first time, guaranteed.


Our services are reimbursable by many insurance plans. We provide you with pre-filled forms that you can submit to your insurance provider. We also accept FSA and HSA cards.


We have successfully treated more than 25,000 children and adults. Don’t waste time and money on over-the-counter treatments that are no longer effective.

Lice Treatment Winston-Salem, NC

Pediatric Hair Solutions provides the most effective urgent care head lice treatment that works the first time, guaranteed. We stand behind our services with a 30-day 100% guarantee for patients who use our FloSonix devices. Our medically trained professionals screen and diagnose the entire family at no cost if you choose any of our treatment options​. View Treatment Options Here. 

If you’ve been battling head lice unsuccessfully, we can help you! Over-the-counter treatments contain chemicals that are no longer effective at killing lice because the bugs have developed resistance.

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a non-toxic product that suffocates live bugs. Our heated air professional device then dehydrates the lice eggs. With this two-step approach, we offer a complete lice treatment Winston-Salem, NC residents trust to be effective. You’ll leave our clinic lice free!

We treat children and adults with customized options that fit every budget, and our services are recommended by pediatricians, school nurses, and camp medical staff.

Unfortunately, head lice act like a communicable disease. They easily spread between family members. If you are concerned about multiple people in your household being affected by lice, Pediatric Hair Solutions is here to help. We offer family discounts when three or more family members come in for treatment with our FloSonix devices. Our support for families makes us the specialists in lice removal Winston-Salem, NC parents recommend most.

“Thank you so much Pediatric Hair Solutions for saving the day! When I discovered my daughter had lice you all went above and beyond to help us! You took what could have been a very stressful situation and made our lives so much better! It was easy to come in and get the treatment she needed and you all stood by us even as we had many questions after her care. Not only did you treat her but you educated our family so much on lice and prevention. I would encourage anyone whose child has lice to come here. Kaley and Brittany are absolutely awesome! We are lucky to have them here in Winston Salem!“


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