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According to research presented to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 60% of camp leaders say head lice infestations were a substantial burden on staff and camper families. The research also shows most camp staff do not feel well trained in recognizing or treating lice.

Pediatric Hair Solutions partners with some of the largest camps in North and South Carolina to provide on-site head lice screening services and treatment. In 2017 alone, our head lice professionals screened more than 7,300 campers.

Pediatric Hair Solutions Summer Camp Lice Screening and Treatment:

  • Reduces Stress on Camp Medical Staff and Counselors
  • Immediate Treatment Allows Campers to Enjoy Start of Camp
  • Confidential Screening and Treatment Process
  • Prevents Unnecessary Head Lice Outbreaks
  • Education for Staff on Cabin Cleanup and Lice Prevention

Pediatric Hair Solutions is an MD/RN owned and operated healthcare practice dedicated exclusively to treating head lice in the most effective, safe and confidential manner.

In a clinical trial, our treatment protocol was shown to be more than 99% effective in eradicating head lice. We use a non-toxic solution that kills all adult bugs. Our treatment providers follow up with a heated air professional device that dehydrates all nits, resulting in a completely lice-free camper! We service nearly a dozen camps including Greystone, Greencove, Ridgecrest, Crestridge, Falling Creek and Wayfarer.

Lice outbreaks have become more common at camp because many families are treating with over-the-counter products that have an effectiveness rate as low as 20%. Research shows this is because lice have developed resistance to the chemicals found in these products. Download Head Lice Research Article Here

As you take time to review your head lice policies and protocols for the upcoming camp season, consider adding the professional services offered by Pediatric Hair Solutions. Call 704-909-9414 to learn more.

“Where to begin! Thank you, thank you and thank you! Dr. Margaret and I want to thank you for all you do in making camp opening day (and all of camp, for that matter) stress free! It is such an enormous load off of us knowing we are lice free for the summer! It has changed the whole atmosphere of the camp. Thank you again for everything!”

Jamie Hutchinson, RN

Assistant Health Director at Camp Greystone

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