Professional Lice Removal Services

Head Lice Treatment By Healthcare professionals. Non-toxic. Kid-Friendly.

Our Effective Lice Treatments

At Pediatric Hair Solutions, we only offer highly-effective services for lice removal Charlotte, NC trusts. Unlike over-the-counter treatments that lice have begun to resist, our two-stage approach is completely natural and works every time. If lice have started to take over your household, you don’t have to fight to get rid of them. Just choose any of our proven treatments, and you’ll be lice free in as little as one hour!

Lice Removal for the Whole Family

Lice infestations can spread between family members all too quickly. If one person in your household catches lice from outside the home, it won’t be long before everyone in the family has them. At Pediatric Hair Solutions, we strive to support families by offering services for patients of all ages. We also offer family discounts when three or more family members come in for lice removal in Charlotte, NC or at any of our clinics in North Carolina.

Medically Trained Professionals

In order to provide safe, effective lice removals Raleigh, NC parents rely on, our team is staffed with medically trained lice experts. We use medical equipment, including our FloSonix heat devices, to completely eradicate adult lice and eggs. The results we achieve simply can’t be found in a box. To learn more about our lice treatment centers throughout North Carolina, feel free to call your nearest Pediatric Hair Solutions clinic.

Support from Our Lice Experts

Learning to manage a lice infestation isn’t always easy. Sometimes, lice can temporarily survive within the home environment and start a new infestation even after a successful treatment for lice removal in Raleigh, NC or the surrounding areas. Our lice experts can help you avoid this situation by offering 24/7 support and prevention advice. Since we only offer lice removal services, we are truly experts at eradicating lice from heads and homes alike.

“I want to thank sheila and her team at pediatric hair solutions for how amazing they were in helping treat one of my pediatric oncology patients. The team really went above and beyond…Their professionalism, thoroughness and care are first rate! “

Juliet Galton

Levine Children's Hospital