• 30 Minute Head Lice Treatment
  • Kills Head Lice & Eggs/Nits
  • Kills All Super Lice
  • We Treat Children & Adults
  • With Pre & Post Treatment Our Success Rate is 100%!
Head lice treatments reimbursed by most insurance plans

About Us

Charlotte NC Head Lice Treatment Center Staff

Unlike most head lice removal services, Pediatric Hair Solutions is owned and operated by healthcare professionals. Sheila Fassler, RN, is the owner and John Fassler, MD, is the Medical Director. More...

How It Works

Pediatric Hair Solutions uses a scientifically proven method to eradicate lice and their eggs (nits) in one 30 minute treatment. More...

*For a complete and chart showing how our treatment works vs. Sklice vs. over-the-counter/other topical treatments vs. nit picking and combing, please click here (PDF document).