If you’re a parent whose child has had head lice in the past, or if you’ve heard about recent cases of head lice in your child’s school, you may be wondering how to prevent an infestation. After checking in with us to get the all clear that your child is headlice free – you may want to try an easy method of prevention for when you go back to school: braiding.

As head lice develop and establish themselves in the hair, some of the adult lice will seek out opportunities to move on and infest other heads. They’re looking for chances to crawl across, so leaving hair loose and flowing provides an ideal opportunity for them to do so.

Therefore, the hairstyle you choose can play a critical role in protecting your hair from head lice. A hairstyle that keeps hair back and away from the face and neck makes it much harder for lice to crawl across and up onto the scalp. By keeping your hair back, you can help to prevent head lice.

Braids are an excellent choice for preventing head lice. Head lice love flowing hair, so simply putting your hair in a ponytail isn’t enough if it’s thick or bushy, as it can still create opportunities for hair to touch hair. Braiding your hair or getting creative with your hairstyle can help to prevent head lice from infesting your hair.

Try a French braid (or 2), a fishtail braid, double dutch braids or a rope twist hairstyle!

Remember, head lice aren’t inevitable. By choosing a hairstyle that keeps hair back and protected, such as braids, you can reduce the risk of infestation. If your child already has lice – you will want to schedule an appointment with us to become headlice free again! Schedule your appointment today by giving us a call! You can be lice free in under 60 minutes!