September is National Pediculosis Awareness & Prevention Month (a.k.a. Head Lice Prevention Month) 

Want to know the easiest method to manage head lice? Keep it from spreading to your family in the first place! Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, parents still need to be prepared for the possibility of head lice. National Head Lice Prevention Month is an awareness campaign to educate parents on effective and safe ways to prevent and treat head lice. 

September is the perfect time to remind families of the importance of preventing head lice and to stock up on natural prevention products, so we’re offering a discount on all Natural Lice Prevention Products this month only!  Our non-toxic head lice prevention products are an effective and affordable option to prevent head lice from disrupting your child’s activities this fall. All Pediatric Hair Solutions products have been clinically tested and contain no harmful chemicals. 

Natural Head lice Prevention Products

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Keep head lice from spreading to your child’s hair with our Lice Prevention KIt. The Prevention Kit contains our Repel Shampoo, Repel Conditioner and Preventive Spray.  Our proprietary mint-scented Preventive Spray smells great and is our best seller when it comes to repelling lice. Just spritz 4-5 times on hair before school, a playdate or a sleepover. Pediatric Hair Solutions Repel Shampoo and Repel Conditioner contain scents of neem oil, spearmint oil and tea tree oil which repel lice. The shampoo and conditioner also increase moisture and maintain healthy hair and scalp. 

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Our Preventive Lice Treatment Spray is a non-toxic, chemical-free deterrent formulated to repel lice. This product does not treat head lice but, it is a valuable preventative treatment. It will not harm or affect hair in any way and is safe for daily use on all hair types, not to mention is has a refreshing light mint scent.

ON SALE: Pediatric Hair Solutions Repel Shampoo & Conditioner
Our gentle Repel Shampoo is infused with natural essential oils that repel head lice. Lice have an acute sense of smell and are repelled by the scents of peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus that are all found in the Repel Shampoo. The shampoo does not contain synthetic chemicals or emulsifiers. Also available in an 8 oz. Bottle

Our Repel Conditioner contains essential oils of spearmint, neem and tea tree which are effective at repelling head lice. The conditioner does not contain sulfates or synthetic chemicals and is great for detangling. Also available in 8 oz container.


Lice Prevention Tip #1- If Your Child Has Lice, Notify Others 
If your child has head lice, it’s important to notify his/her circle of friends, family, and classmates so they can be screened and treated. If you are uncomfortable doing this, Pediatric Hair Solutions will anonymously notify anyone in your close circle of friends or family that they have been exposed to an active case of head lice through our Anonymous Lice Alerts button on our website.

Lice Prevention Tip #2- Pull Long Hair Back in a Bun or Braid
Head lice is most commonly spread through direct head to head contact. One of the best ways to prevent it from spreading is to wear a very tight hairstyle.

Lice Prevention Tip #3: Comb, Comb, Comb
We strongly emphasize the importance of combing hair as a tool to detect head lice. “Like hand washing, combing is a basic hygiene measure. Combing provides a reliable approach for screening, early detection, accurate identification, treatment and prevention of pediculosis.” Combing your child’s hair on a regular basis using a lice prevention comb like our Terminator Nit Comb is a great way to detect head lice before it gets out of hand. Here’s a list of the benefits of combing

Lice Prevention Tip #4: Learn How to Recognize the Signs of Head Lice Early
Head lice are most commonly found near the scalp, behind the ears and neckline. If you find nits/eggs in your child’s hair, that is a sign of head lice and you need to seek treatment as soon as possible. Nits are usually found within 1-2 inches from the scalp. They are small, teardrop-shaped eggs that are white, yellowish to amber in color and are essentially “glued” to your hair. Because of their various colors, they can be more difficult to see in blonde or light brown hair.

Lice Prevention Tip #5: No Sharing! 
Ok, we don’t really mean your child shouldn’t share, however there is a list of items that your children should never share such as hats, headphones, hoodies, pillows, helmets, hair accessories, towels, combs, and brushes- essentially anything that touches the child’s head. The most common way lice are spread is through head-to-head contact, but lice can live off the scalp for up to 48 hours and spread by sharing the items mentioned above.

Lice Prevention Tip #6: Avoid Head-to-Head Contact 
>Head lice is spread through direct, head to head contact. This can occur at home, school, the playground, camp, through selfies, etc. Help your child understand that they should avoid head to head contact during play, sleepovers, or other activities at home, school, and elsewhere. Just be aware that one of the more common ways we’ve seen lice spread is through hugging, group selfies and other activities that involve head-to-head contact.

For more information on how to prevent and treat head lice, visit our FAQ page and Lice Facts page.

Head Lice Treatment By Medical Professionals
Pediatric Hair Solutions is your local, professional resource for head lice information and treatment. Because we are medically owned and operated, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of care. Our healthcare professionals are committed to providing the safest and highest quality of care available. The treatments at Pediatric Hair Solutions have a greater than 99% effectiveness rate and we offer a 30 day 100% guarantee. You can view each of our treatment options here. To make an appointment or get more information, call 704-909-9414. If you do not live near one of our treatment centers, we highly recommend using our Home Treatment Kit