Who here loves going to the movies? I’m guessing that would be most of us! It’s movie season right now and what better activity to get friends and family together than to enjoy a great flick on the big screen! Before you head out to the theater or even the drive-in, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure going to the movies is an enjoyable time for all.

  1. Sensible snacking. Popcorn at the movies is a must for many. We love the buttery, salty treat. If going to the movies with small children, remember how messy popcorn can be and be prepared! Grab plenty of napkins or bring your own cloth napkins to set across the lap.
  2. Hot or cold. One thing to remember about movie theaters is the cool temperature inside. If you tend to get a little chilled, be sure to bring a sweater. Iif you want to get really comfy, a small blanket. Keep in mind that you will want to wash and dry these items in high heat after your movie outing to prevent lice. On the other hand, if you are heading out to a drive-in movie, it is a good idea to double check the weather forecast. It could be a hot, muggy night for which you might want to bring a cooler with chilled drinks. Another tip for drive-in’s is to be prepared for mosquitos!
  3. Lice love going to the movies. Although head lice are the last thing we want to think about when going to the movies, they are a reality. With all the different people coming in and out of a theater the risk of head lice is great. The first step in protecting you and your family from head lice at the movies is to use our Head Lice Prevention Spray.  The non-toxic, chemical-free lice deterrent has a light minty scent that is perfect for the whole family. Spray that and then the next step in protecting yourself and your family from lice at the movies is to put long hair up in a tight bun or braid and/or wear a hat or scarf.

What movies are you looking forward to this summer? Whatever movies you decide to see, don’t forget to keep the above recommendations in mind for a more pleasant experience. While no one plans to invite head lice to the party, it is certainly a possible problem. If you do find you or one of your family members to have head lice, stop by your local Pediatric Hair Solutions for fast, safe, and friendly treatment. We are healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the best service possible so you can enjoy your lice-free summer!