Ahh, summer. It’s the time of year for swimming, picnics, camping, and other fun activities in the sun. If you have school-age children, then you are maybe excited for summer camp: that special time where the kids get to spend time away having fun with their peers while you get some quality, personal time. If indeed your children are going to summer camp this year, whether for a weekend or 8 weeks, then you should prepare for the potential for head lice.

Lice really do love summer camp. Think about it. There are a bunch of children together in cabins or tents sleeping in bunk beds or sleeping bags spending day in and day out together.  There are so many different kinds of camps and opportunities for friendship, fun, and learning that what isn’t to love? There are counselors and staff members keeping your children safe and teaching them valuable lessons, but there is one thing that is often overlooked by parents and counselors alike: head lice.

As you prepare to send your children to summer camp, keep in mind the following tips for ensuring a fun, lice-free camp experience:

  • Make sure your child has everything they need for camp. Even the smallest things matter here. If your child has long hair, make sure they have hair ties, headbands, and a brush or comb with them at camp. Will they need a hat or sunglasses? Swim caps or goggles? A sweatshirt or jacket? Take time packing with your child to make sure they are prepared! Don’t forget to pack Pediatric Hair Solutions Lice Prevention Spray. It is a non-toxic, chemical-free lice deterrent that has a light mint scent. It’s safe and easy to use, so you can send it to camp with your child for an extra preventative boost!
  • Make a no-share list. Maybe you’ve already gone over the dos and don’ts of sharing personal items, but take a moment to make a special list for camp just to reiterate its importance to your children. Maybe one of their bunkmates forgot a hat or headband; it can be really tempting to share. Your child needs to know that this is for everyone’s safety, not to be seen as cruel or selfish. We recommend having a quick chat with the camp counselors and staff members to make them aware of your no-share list, and maybe they could help enforce it for everyone!
  • Camp should be fun! Don’t let the possibility of head lice stop your children from having fun at camp, or you from enjoying your personal time. While it is best to be prepared and take reasonable precautions, there comes a point where you just have to take a step back and enjoy the moment.

Summer camp can be the highlight of a child’s year. Be prepared for the potential for head lice by taking the above precautions, but don’t forget to have fun!