Who says you need to be a kid to go to summer camp? Every summer, the team at Pediatric Hair Solutions heads to camps across North and South Carolina. We provide summer camp head checks on the first day of camp for some of the largest camps in the area.

Children who are positive for head lice on intake day are treated immediately on site with our heated air medical device and non-toxic treatment solution. Our goal is to make sure every child is able to stay at camp and enjoy the experience they’ve been looking forward to all year.

Team at summer camp checks campers for head lice.Head lice is very contagious which is why most summer camps have mandatory head screenings for all campers and staff. Our camp partners tell us they could never get the job done as quickly and effectively without the help of the professionals at Pediatric Hair Solutions.

The teams we send to camp vary between 5 to 12 professionals, depending on the size of the camp. We screen each child upon arrival so that we have time to quickly treat them before the full activities of camp begin.

Our summer camp head checks and lice treatment services allow the camp medical staff to focus on important tasks during intake day such as tracking medications, collecting medical forms and tending to medical conditions.

We are proud to partner with the following camps in the Carolinas: Camp GreystoneCamp CrestridgeCamp RidgecrestCamp WayfarerCamp WeaverSalvation Army Camps ,  Camp CARE.