Head LouseWe just had the loveliest client in our facility this weekend. The woman was 58 years of age and had a severe case of head lice. She had gone to see her primary care physician, a dermatologist and an allergist for an itchy head. She had been on steroids, antibiotics and various scalp treatments to no avail.

The itchiness persisted until one day, the lady was cleaning out her hair brush and was appalled to find live bugs crawling around.  She put a couple of the bugs in a zip-lock baggie and ran over to her neighbors home and asked “what are these?” Her neighbor, a young mother said “You’ve got Lice.”

I am sure she quickly shooed the woman from her home. The woman then began various over the counter treatments and still could not get rid of the lice. She finally found us and we were able to help this woman get her life back and stop all the itching!